Where I Live: Brooklyn NY, United States


Type of Pet: You can't tie me down to one type of pet!

My Favorite Quote: “Animals don’t lie. Animals don’t criticize. If animals have moody days, they handle them better than humans do.” —Betty White

What Makes My Pet(s) Unique: Hillary, a 14-year-old cat I rescued in New Orleans as a tiny kitten, is very vocal! She didn't start out that way. She was shy for the first few years of her life. But now, I feel like she's trying to speak complete sentences sometimes.

The other thing she does that's so cool is she looks forward to "family time" every evening when Julie and I are on the couch watching TV. Hillary is right there with us, on a special spot on the floor where she has a good view of the TV, too.

What Being Petful Means to Me: I love the idea of "Petful" being so much more than a website — the very word conjures up a state of mind. To me, being petful means exactly what I see our mission as being: to help pets live happier lives. That includes doing all we can do to help improve animal welfare, stamp out animal cruelty everywhere it exists, and give our community members all the tools to provide a longer, healthier, more fruitful life for their pets. 🙂


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