Play-Top Parrot Cage Reviews

Xtreme cage playtop parrot cage reviews

Play-Top Parrot Cage Reviews

Do you need to buy a parrot cage? There are numerous models on the market. Take a moment and read this buyers’ guide. We’ve selected 3 popular options and tell you the pros and cons of each bird cage.

1. Xtreme-Cage Wrought Iron Parrot Cage, Play-Top

Xtreme cage playtop parrot cage reviewsThe Xtreme-Cage Wrought Iron Parrot Cage is huge — and it’s a solid value. The sturdy bars are spaced about an inch apart, which is perfect for parrots. This writer’s own destructive bird has yet to break the bars off this cage. I’ve found that the bottom grates and trays are easy to remove for emptying and cleaning.

The seed trays are rather flimsy because they are made of thin plastic. Depending on what type of parrot you have, you may need to replace them. My cockatoo made short work as one chomp with his beak cracked the cups. It’s best to use stainless steel cups anyway, as they are easier to clean and sterilize.

The play top has ladders and a heavy-duty perch. There are also 2 cups for food and water. There’s enough space up there to add your own toys for your pet.

Putting this cage together requires 2 strong people who know how to assemble things. There are no true instructions provided. The cage comes with a single page of drawn directions for assembly. Because of its sheer size and weight, the cage should be assembled in the room in which you plan to keep it. Although it has casters, this play-top parrot enclosure is very heavy to move.


2. Sky Enterprise USA Large Play-Top Bird CageSky Enterprises parrot cage reviews

The Sky Enterprise USA Large Play-Top Cage is a nice cage but certainly not suitable for large birds. It would be perfect for conures or Meyer’s parrots but not for cockatoos or macaws as advertised. I bought this product for my cockatoo, and he removed the bars in 1 week.

A conure or similar-size bird will find the enclosure very roomy. The bar spacing is ¾ inch, and they are between 3 and 5 millimeters thick. The grates and trays are removable for easy cleaning. The play area on top has a ladder, perches and stainless steel cups. There’s plenty of space to add more playthings.

One convenient feature on this Sky Enterprise play-top bird cage is that it is assembled on casters. They are not flimsy as with many other such products; these are sturdy. The best thing is that the casters lock — few cages have that option.

Assembly is relatively simple and instructions are included. I would suggest having 2 people to put it together, because it is quite bulky. Once assembled, your small bird will love this product.


3. Select Series Wrought Iron Parrot CageSelect Series play-top parrot cage reviews

The Select Series Wrought Iron Parrot Cage is a good value. The bars are spaced at ¾ inch, which makes it perfect for birds such as African grays or conures. It is not suitable for larger and stronger birds like cockatoos or macaws.

The play area on top is an avian paradise. It has a ladder, perch and seed cups. There is still more than enough room to add your bird’s favorite toy or get him some new ones.

The cage is easy enough to put together. One person could do it alone; however, 2 people will make the job 10 times faster. The casters are rubber and make the unit simple to move without damaging the floor.

  • Dimensions: 30x22x63.
  • Also Included: 2 wooden perches, 4 stainless steel cups.
  • Price: About $300 on Amazon (affiliate link)