Pet Safety 101: Critical Advice for People With Dogs or Cats

Pet Safety 101

Your job as caregiver to a pet is to be informed so you can help your dog or cat live the longest, happiest life possible.

We’ve got you covered. Check out some of our expert articles on dog and cat safety.

6 Common Garden Plants that Could Kill Your Pet

Many of America’s favorite garden plants can have deadly consequences for pets. Take a look around and make sure you don’t have one of these common garden plants that could kill your dog or cat. Read this article »

5 Easy Ways to Dog-Proof Your Home

Keeping your dog safe — and your possessions intact — is easy enough to do, provided you know a few tricks and follow these easy steps. Here’s how to dog-proof your home, including the best way to keep your pup out of trouble. Read this article »

The Many Dangers of Keeping a Dog in the City

An editor of a popular blog watched helplessly as his beloved Frenchie puppy was struck and killed by a city bus. “Losing a pet so suddenly is something I wish nobody would ever have to go through,” the editor said. People who live in urban areas with pets have a special set of safety concerns. Read this article »

5 Heat Wave Tips for Pets

When it’s hot outside — really hot — your pets’ health is at risk. Heat waves kill pets. Don’t let yours be a victim. Read our quick article, which also describes symptoms of heat stroke in a dog or cat. Read this article »

A Pet Parent’s Guide to Preparing for Emergencies

When disaster strikes, the last thing you want to do is frantically gather critical supplies for your family. The best way to avert disaster is to be totally prepared for it. Read this article »