Unique Mother’s Day Gifts for Pet Lovers

Trust me on this: Your mom is tired of chocolates, flowers and perfume. May 10 is coming soon, and here are some gift ideas.

By: jcarbaugh
Mother’s Day is soon approaching. This year it’s on Sunday, May 10. By: jcarbaugh

Mother’s Day is once again upon us soon, and some of us (OK, this includes me) still haven’t bought or prepared anything for mom’s day of honor yet.

My mom loves her dog dearly, so a pet-themed gift is sure to be loved and appreciated. Here are my picks for some great pet-related gifts for the animal lover in us and our moms.

For budget-friendly ideas, look for the * behind the gift.

Jewelry & Accessories

Pet jewelry is becoming more popular than ever, and there are so many pieces and materials to choose from, so mom can keep her beloved pet close to her always. Options range from beautiful necklaces (affiliate link) and lockets to charm bracelets and earrings. Some can be customized.

Gift Certificates

If your mom has a favorite boarding facility, groomer or pet store (mine swears by her groomer and won’t go to anyone else), consider a gift certificate for her pet’s next trip. To sweeten the deal, offer to handle the transportation as a special treat.


Don’t grab your leftover Sunday paper just yet. Coupons are easy and fun to make on almost any computer, and you can customize them for any purpose. Offer to pet sit next time mom goes on vacation, or offer to take her dog to an obedience class or an outing at the local dog park with her.

Pet Portraits

Many local and national (and online) places allow you to submit a photograph and have a portrait done of mom’s best friend. These range in materials from canvas and oil paintings to graphite sketches and pencil drawings. Each piece will be unique and something mom will treasure for years to come.

This video shows many paintings of dogs and cats created on a variety of surfaces:

Ask the creator or artist what options they have for materials or if you can supply your own.

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Gift Baskets*

Gift baskets are wonderful ways to incorporate things that mom loves with the love of her pet. Dog Lover Gift Baskets does exactly that, but don’t fret: They have cat baskets, too. For a budget-friendly option, check your local stores for clearance or sale items on pet toys and treats, and add items for mom such as lotion, bath salts, candles or other inexpensive items.

Wrap it up in a basket with tissue paper or cellophane, and tie with a bow or ribbon. Local pharmacies and craft stores have these items stocked regularly, and they are usually inexpensive.

Photo Slideshow or Video*

Many professionals and services can put together a photo slideshow or video of your mom’s best friend. You may be able to find someone locally or online, but keep in mind that professionals charge $50 to $100 for the service on average.

For a budget-friendly version, use an online photo service to upload photos and create a slideshow that you can download for use on a computer, television or digital photo frame. Ask your friends if any of them are talented at editing videos, and you might be able to get a DIY — yet beautiful — version on a budget.


Donations are budget-friendly because they can be in any amount or include donated items. Does your mom have a favorite animal charity or volunteer, or does she support the local animal shelter? Maybe she donates to or supports a rescue group or organization that helps animals.

Make a donation in her name or offer to donate money or items to the local shelter. You can also volunteer at the shelter in her honor.

Pet-Themed Pajamas*

These pajamas are available at CrazyforBargains.com.
These pajamas are available at CrazyforBargains.com.

These animal-themed pajamas don’t just feature animals — they have designs for the entire family. Pajamagram offers pajamas in various sizes for all members of the family, including the family cat or dog.

For a budget-conscious version, buy printable iron-on transfer sheets at an office supply store and use an image of mom’s pet. You can print the images or designs yourself and iron them on a basic T-shirt or pajama set that’s more affordable from a local store.

If you’re looking for a mother-themed gift that her pet can wear, check out these dog T-shirts.

Eco-Friendly Gifts*

If your mom is into saving the environment 1 plastic bag at a time, there are great ideas in eco-friendly gifts for her. From reusable bags to a supply of biodegradable supplies for her pet, there are many ways to find the perfect gift for your eco-friendly mommy.

If you’re on a budget, look for bamboo pet bowls made of recycled materials. They’re inexpensive and can be filled with mom’s favorite sweets or her pet’s favorite treats (or our DIY coupon idea from above).

Dinner and Treats*

Sometimes mom simply needs a break from her never-ending routine or would love to have you visit. Why not make it a dinner-and-treat date? Offer to make or bring dinner to mom’s house, and bring some treats for her pet.

You can make your own or pick up some at the store, and mom gets to enjoy not having to make dinner and spending the night with her favorite person in the world: you!

Grooming Tools*

If your mom has a pet who requires regular grooming, pick up some grooming supplies or new combs and brushes to make the job easier (or offer to visit and groom the animal yourself).

Grooming combs and tools range from expensive to super-affordable; if you’re on a budget, you can always pair it up with another affordable gift.

By: tps12
You can give grooming tools alone or as additions to a gift basket. By: tps12

Personalized License Plate

If your mom loves her pet like no other, consider getting a personalized license plate for her with her pet’s name. Contact the DMV for details.

Memorial Gifts

If your mom recently lost a pet, this can be a difficult time for her. Sometimes the best gift you can give to someone who has lost a pet is your time, patience, understanding and willingness to listen.

If mom wants to talk all day about her pet — let her. If you think she would appreciate a gift in memory of her lost pet, we have plenty of suggestions.

Exotic Moms

If your mom is a lover of a gecko, snake or frog, rest assured there are places that offer gifts for exotic pets. This store covers many options for the exotic pet lover.

No matter what gift you choose, there are plenty of ideas and creative ways you can show your love for mom — and her love for her pet — for Mother’s Day.

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