Unique Father’s Day Gifts for Pet Lovers

Shopping for Dad can be difficult — but if he has pets, you’re in luck! Check out our ideas.

Plan ahead for Father's Day. By: k.steudel
Plan ahead for Father’s Day. By: k.steudel

Father’s Day is right around the corner — Sunday, June 21.

Finding a gift can be a chore if dad just seems like the guy with everything or never drops hints about things he wants. But dads with pets are easier; we already know what they love (besides us, of course).

Now we just need to find a way to combine those two things and pick an amazing gift. Not sure where to start? I already did some digging for you, and here are my suggestions for unique gifts for pet-loving dads (or husbands).

Photographic Treasures

Photographs are a great way to honor dad and his best friend. You can enlarge your favorite picture of them and have it framed, create a photo book, have a painting made or book a photography session. Check out FidoJournalism for examples and ideas. If you go with the last option, be sure to confirm that your photographer will work with animals.

A cool idea I came across is the dog blueprint (see the photo below). Whether dad is an architect, loves blueprints or you think he would enjoy a unique addition to his office, study or even the garage, this is one gift sure to please. At $185 it is on the pricey side. They offer blueprints for cats and the “American Mutt” on their website, and average delivery time is two to three weeks.

Everyday Items

Think of items dad uses every day. Keys, coffee mugs, ties and many more get their fair share of wear and tear. Add in a pet-themed item to break up the monotony and showcase dad’s love for pets. For office accessories, these tins of dog bone paper clips and paw print binder clips will be a great addition to dad’s office and light on your wallet at $5 each.

This gift comes in dog or cat breeds.

If dad’s interests keep him in the kitchen, there are plenty of pet-themed kitchen accessories for gift ideas. Consider this spoon rest featuring paw prints and hearts for just under $7; paw print wine stoppers for around $15; creative oven mitts under $10 in your choice of dog, hen, monkey, and pig; or pick one of many mixes and molds for dog treats and offer to help create them — while also scoring some quality time with your dad or husband.

If dad prefers exotic animals to furry pups and kittens, check out this store featuring items with animals that hop, slither and swim.

Books & Movies

Dads that love to read will appreciate a book about pets. Check out the books available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore for a story dad is sure to love. If he has been hinting about a digital reader and you plan on buying one, have it loaded with pet-themed e-books before it’s wrapped up. Check out our list of popular dog books here.

Dogs have appeared on screen since motion pictures began, and there are plenty of movies to chose from for dad to watch. You could buy his favorite classic movie or choose from a list of dog movies (affiliate link) for rent or sale. Of course there are also cat movies (affiliate link), and you can adjust your search to look for dad’s specific pet. Check out this list of 100+ greatest animal movies if you need some help getting started.


Go green with dad! There are many ways to help the environment that include pets, and our list details ways to help, ideas for making your own pet treats and features a video about eco-friendly toys. Pair up some sustainable toys with a park outing within walking distance, and you’ll have fun, get exercise and save gas (that’s gas for the car, we can’t guarantee what the pup will do).

Active & Outdoors

Does dad like to go for runs with his dog, walks in the park or try to stay active? Help him track his steps with this paw print pedometer for only $5. If jogging is his thing, these running shorts feature paw prints and come in under $20.

For less strenuous outdoor activity or for smaller dogs unable to run or walk long distances, consider getting a pet trailer that tags along behind a bicycle or can be pushed like a stroller. This allows different or smaller pets to spend more outdoor time with dad without the hazards (but make sure to bring extra water in hot temperatures).

Charitable Gifts

Make a donation to dad’s favorite animal charity or your local shelter in his name. Shop for gifts from websites that donate to animal charities and causes such as the Animal Rescue Site Store. If money is a concern, consider taking dad to the animal shelter and volunteering with him for the day. It helps the animal shelter, it’s free and you will feel good afterward. Call the shelter in advance to check on days and times that would be best to visit. You can also round up extra blankets, sheets, pillows and pet items and do a shelter drive-by.

Memorial Gifts

If your dad is an animal lover and recently lost a pet, this can be a difficult time. Sometimes the best gift you can give to someone who has lost a pet is your time, patience, understanding and willingness to listen. If you think he would appreciate a gift in memory of his lost pet, we have plenty of suggestions.

Just Plain Silly & Fun

Scratch to the beat!

This cat scratching pad had me laughing as soon as I saw it. If dad loves music and his furry feline, he might appreciate this new twist on the old scratching post. It comes flat-packed and requires assembly. Pair this up with a new CD from dad’s favorite artist and you have a gift duo with cattitude!

Plan a weekend away for dad and bring the pets! Many vacation hotspots and hotels will happily let Fido or Fluffy tag along on your vacation. Check Go Pet Friendly for list of destinations, pet-loving hotels, their cool road trip planner and advice for traveling with your pets.

Some pet gifts can get pretty preposterous, and this list highlights a few of the quirky inventions and gadgets for animals and their human slaves. Sunglasses for dogs, fish tank toilets and even a goldfish walker (a walker that allows you to go outside with your fish) are some of the goofy ideas making the list.

If these items still haven’t gotten you closer to an idea, or if money is tight, there are plenty of free ways to honor dad and include his pet. Consider making a coupon good for a day at the park, offer to watch the pets next time he has to go away, make lunches and go to a pet-friendly park for a picnic or offer to do the driving next time his pet needs to go to the vet or grooming salon.

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