3 Tempur-pedic Dog Bed Reviews

Even pets that don’t have arthritis or joint stiffness enjoy exquisite bedding.

Known for its ability to contour to a body as well as provide orthopedic support, memory foam is the ideal solution for pets stricken with arthritis and stiffness of the joints. Even dogs that don’t have stiffness issues will enjoy this exquisite bedding. The following buyers’ guide (featuring reviews of three Tempur-pedic dog beds) will help you decide which “comfort zone” is best for your pet.

1. 100% Memory Foam Pet Bed (Extra Large)

This one is made with a 4-inch thick solid therapeutic memory foam pad. The pad is secured with an internal waterproof, zippered cover as well as an external denim cover that is water-resistant on the top side. Best in comfort and durability, this pet bed is also easy to clean.

The memory foam, comparable to that found in therapeutic mattress stores, is temperature-sensitive and will support dogs weighing up to 180 pounds.

Customers generally give this one a thumbs up. The foam used in the bed seems to be the #1 point in customer satisfaction. One customer said that although he was dissatisfied that the zipper broke after the first washing, he was pleased overall.

Several complaints have been noted from customers concerning the smell of the foam. “There is a distinctive memory foam smell, which gradually evaporates over the course of several days,” one buyer reported, adding, “it didn’t seem to bother my dog.” However, a different customer was quite disappointed, stating that because of the odor, he couldn’t blame his dog for not sleeping on the bed.

All in all, this dog bed has garnered 4-5 stars on Amazon.com — not too shabby.

Dimensions: 40 x 35 x 4 inches
Recent Price: about $80 (affiliate link)

2. Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed (Large)

Orthopedic memory foam dog bed reviewsThis bed is built for comfort: there are three layers, and each one is 1 inch thick. It ranges in size for any dog — large, small, young or old — from small to extra large. The zippered cover is washable and has a skid-resistant bottom to prevent it from sliding when your pooch jumps in for a little rest.

Many buyers tell us they are overall satisfied with this product, though some are disappointed in the quality of the foam. One customer balked not only about the quality but also the packaging, saying it was folded and stuffed into a small box, causing permanent creases in the foam.

However, most buyers are in agreement that their pets have been happy with these beds. One person sounded almost astonished: “An orthopedic bed for $79, when they can cost hundreds?” For the price, he was extremely happy with his purchase, noting that even though it is lightweight — making it easy to move — it also provides good support.

Dimensions: 46 x 32 x 3 inches
Recent Price: About $80

3. Orvis Tempur-pedic Deep Dish Dog Bed (Medium)

Orvis Tempurpedic dog bed reviewsDeep Dish is an elegantly shaped bed, built in couch form. Its unique styling makes it decor-friendly in any room. It is perfect for those dogs who enjoy stretching out. The bolster feature offers comfort, support and added security for your pet. Being a true Tempur-pedic may explain the hefty price on this one. Yes, it hovers at a price of nearly $350.

There is a water-resistant liner and a removable cover, making it convenient to clean. This fleece bed consists of a Tempur-pedic foam pad and a support foam pad (each 2 inches in thickness). Color selections include brown, light brown, sage and slate.

One customer spoke of his reluctance to purchase because of the high price. He decided to take the plunge and discovered that his pampered pet’s delight with her new bed was well worth the money spent. “When the bed arrived, I took it out of the box, put it down on the floor and a minute later my dog crawled in and fell asleep,” he said, adding, “She’s been in it ever since.”

Another customer states that the quality and workmanship of the bed makes it a very good investment: “Definitely worth every penny of the price,” she reports.

Orvis has a 100% satisfaction guarantee with its products, including this bed, so you can’t go wrong by trying out this excellent Tempur-pedic dog bed.

Dimensions: Sizes vary
Recent Price: Recently $349

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