Stylish Dog Crates You Won’t Need to Hide

If you’re tired of looking at your old-and-busted plastic kennel, check out these designer digs.

As someone who is consistently overrun with canines large and small, I have several large wire kennels placed strategically around the house, all of which are hideous. I’ve tried dressing them up with colorful cloths and other marginally attractive solutions, but it just can’t be done. A crate is a crate is a crate.

Except when it’s not.

In the past several years, as our knowledge of pet behaviors has changed, it’s become common to have a wire or plastic kennel for your pooch. Not only do crates contain them when you need them to stay put, but they’re also cozy, safe dens in which most dogs enjoy snoozing, even with the door open.

With so many people now using crates, manufacturers have gotten smart and created stylish dog crates that serve multiple purposes, one of which is not making your house look awful.

These kinds of designer kennels come with hefty price tags, but if you’re into a chic, clutter-free, crate-free house, the cost could  be worth it for you.

TownHaus Indoor Wooden Dog Crate Table

This one works equally well in the living TownHaus Indoor Wooden Dog Crate Table room, den or bedroom. If your dog likes to chill in his crate with the door open, you can easily remove the door, giving him free range and saving you from tripping over the open door yet again.

Built from hardwood and stained espresso, the TownHaus crate pictured is 26″ tall, just the right size for a nightstand. Also available in small and large with mahogany or espresso finishes. The TownHaus crate ranges from $500 to $600.


Although the eiCrate, designed by Peter Pracilio for designGO!, isn’t a multipurpose piece of furniture, it’s very cool looking, especially if you have a modern or Mid-Century home.

eiCrate in silver

If your pet needs a closed space to keep her feeling warm and toasty, you can buy a removable cover for an additional $160.

Available in silver, black, gold and white, the eiCrate is about 25″ tall and 35″ wide at the base. If you’re smitten with the silver, black and white models, you’ll pay only $220 or so, but if you opt for the gold, you’ll pay a whopping $11,000 — yes, it’s made from 22.5k gold.

BowHaus Cocktail Table and Dog Den

BowHaus Cocktail Table and Dog Den

Martini lovers and Rat Pack fans will adore the BowHaus Cocktail Table and Dog Den, a relentlessly chic kennel that does triple duty as a crate, cocktail table and status symbol.

Made of durable powder-coated steel, this stylish dog crate is 15 1/2″ tall and 21″diameter. The little door closes, allowing your pet in-and-out privileges. Folks living green will appreciate that the packaging is 100% recyclable and the product is made in the United States, eliminating energy expended on overseas shipping.

The BowHaus costs a staggering $750, which would have been peanuts for the Chairman of the Board.

ZenHaus Designer Dog Furniture

ZenHaus Crate

Crafted from durable fiberglass and topped with shatterproof glass, the ZenHaus crate (at left) combines style with practicality. The design is similar to the BowHaus kennel, but at $525 the price is slightly more reasonable.

As with the TownHaus, the door on this one is removable, and the opaque glass top allows light inside. Available in two sizes, 20″ and 28″ tall, and three colors, white, black and mint.

As a starving writer, I’m probably stuck with my makeshift crate/table/monstrosity, but if anyone is interested, I’d love two of the TownHauses for the living room. Thanks in advance!

Tamar Love Grande

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Tamar Love Grande, former associate editor, is a Crazy Dog Person who has fostered and found homes for more than 200 dachshunds in the past few years. Tamar lives in Los Angeles with her husband, her cat and far too many wiener dogs.

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