Check Out This Solar-Powered Cat Toy

A company called Solar Chasers has come up with an sun-powered wand toy for cats. Find out more about how it works.

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Looking for a way to tease out your cat’s natural instincts of chasing or stalking prey? Most cat owners know there is no better way to achieve this quest than intriguing him with a toy.

Wand toys are awesome cat-pleasers. A simple one can be made by tying a thin piece of fabric or ribbon onto a stick. Waving and fluttering the stick around will make the cloth move invitingly, much like an insect or other prey. Besides being irresistible to kitties, wand toys also allow you to keep a little distance between your skin and those sharp claws.

But of course, you don’t have to make your own cat toy; any pet store has tons of feline playthings for sale. But have you considered something more environmentally friendly?

Solar-Powered Cat Toy

A company called Solar Chasers has come up with an sun-powered wand toy for cats. (Dogs would probably like it too — long enough to destroy it when no one was watching!) This toy, which sells for $29.95, works completely off the sun’s power.

The company says: “The solar cell on our Solar Chaser will continue to produce clean power from the sun long enough for your great, great grandkitten’s kittens to enjoy this toy.” Imagine having no worries of battery replacements, ever. Another nice feature is the claw-proof ball design, which makes it fun even for large cats.

The lack of batteries (and having to repurchase batteries every few days) makes this a more environmentally friendly toy, though it should be noted that it contains plastic parts (not environmentally friendly).

How to Operate It

All you do is place the wand toy on a clean window that gets direct sunlight. Equipped with “industrial strength” suction cups, the wand should not come unstuck. Switch to the sun-powered position and the wand comes to life automatically when the solar cell is warmed by the sun. You’ll probably find that the quiet hum of the cell will bring your kitty scrambling toward it as he detects the subtle sounds of playtime. The base does the work for you, dangling the wand enticingly.

Even when the sun is setting or the sunlight is on hiatus, your cat can still enjoy his wand toy — you’ll just need to detach the wand from the base and dangle it yourself.

Watch It in Action

Check out this video compilation of sun-powered playtime:

Other Considerations

Cat personalities vary widely. You may find that your own kitty prefers to take a nap in direct sunlight rather than actively bat a toy around.

Also, be aware that early morning and early evening sunlight is not as strong as mid-afternoon sunlight, which will affect how the toy works. Energy-efficient or tinted windows can also decrease the effectiveness. If you have a shaded window, this is not the right toy for you.

Remember to be wise and supervise during playtime. And as noted earlier, dogs will devour this thing if left to their own devices; so cat owners who also have dogs should think twice about buying the Solar Chaser toy, since the toy will presumably be left out at all times.

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