Review: Slow Feed Dog Bowl

Laurie Pinnell tells us: “I think this bowl is a must-have for anyone who has a food ‘inhaler.'” Read Laurie’s slow feed dog food bowl review here.

Occasionally we ask Petful readers if they’d like to review products from our online store. Today, longtime reader Laurie Pinnell weighs in on our Slow Feed Dog Bowl.

Product: Slow Feed Dog Bowl
The Sales Pitch: Do you have a dog that rushes through its food, coughing and choking it down? There are a few ways you can slow them down — but one of the best is to use a slow feed bowl like this one. The design is specially made to keep your pets from being able to rush through their food.
Features: Made from heavy-duty plastic with a rubbery base, so your pets won’t have to chase their dish around the floor as it slides around; the base also prevents tipping. Dishwasher safe.
Colors: May vary; white or blue most common
Price: $5.99 for Medium (30 oz.); $6.99 for Large (42.5 oz.)

Laurie and Jackson

Review by Laurie Pinnell

I was very surprised with this bowl. I have two dogs that tend to devour their food in the blink of an eye. I decided maybe it was worth a try to give this bowl a shot.

The results were amazing. I couldn’t believe the difference in how fast Jackson ate his food.

I think this bowl is a must-have for anyone who has a food “inhaler” — not just from the time aspect but the health aspect. When a dog eats too fast, bloat can occur and it can be fatal. You can’t rationally explain to your dog that he has to slow down, so you need to find another way to decelerate the eating process. The Slow Feed Dog Bowl from Petful is the solution.

For the price of a well-designed food bowl, you can avoid the possibility of expensive and painful surgery/treatment or the avoidable death from bloat for your much loved member of the family.

Watch former “Sprint Eater” Jackson take it down a notch:

On the downside, I think this particular slow feed bowl would need to be a bit heavier to stop all skidding, because I did notice Jackson moving it around as he was eating. I think the bowl may be too lightweight to make the rubber always grip the floor.

I also think the bowls could be improved by adding more colors, or possibly a place to put the name of your dog on it like a nameplate — in case, like me, you need more than one. It helps to have everyone’s bowl be a bit different, trust me.

Petful could also offer a tinier size for the toy breeds like Yorkies or Chihuahuas. The individual chambers that hold the food, as you go toward the center of the bowl, have a somewhat narrow opening for the dogs to get their food. My dog did okay, but I wonder how difficult it might be for the short or snub-nosed breeds like pugs or Pekingese.

[Editor’s Note: We plan to add smaller sizes soon.]

All that being said, overall I really like the bowl and the design. In fact, I’m so convinced the Slow Feed Dog Bowl is worth every penny, I am going to order a second bowl for my other Sprint Eater. I highly recommend it.

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Disclaimer: The reviewer received no payment or other compensation and was provided a sample product for an honest review. The reviewer has no affiliation with Petful — just an average reader like you. Isn’t that refreshing?


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