How to Make Your Own Catnip Cat Toy

Check out my do-it-yourself cat toy that is simple and free. Why pay money for this stuff when there are easy catnip toys you can make yourself?

DIY cat toy - simple, free

If there’s one thing I’ve learned with my cat over the past nine years, it’s that there is no need to buy her a brand-new toy. That’s because Hillary simply ignores the stuff that I pay good money for.

What does she play with instead? The FREE stuff. Like, oh, I dunno, beams of light, balls of aluminum foil, plastic caps from soda bottles and milk carton tops. These are the easy “toys” that always drive her crazy.

But when I want to add a little excitement to the mix, I’ve learned that I can put together a do-it-yourself (DIY) cat toy that is simple and free.

We’re not talking rocket science here. It’s basically a sock filled with catnip, which sounds silly but really drives her nuts. She takes it and runs across the room with it in her mouth, then puts it down and bats it around again.

So today I thought I would share my instructions for an extremely simple DIY catnip toy. If you can tie a knot, I would imagine you can manage to make this.


DIY cat toy, step 11. You will need an old, thin sock. I happened to have an old thermal underwear shirt that I didn’t want anymore, so I decided to use one of the long sleeves. (Recycle and reuse, right? This is an environmentally friendly cat toy we’ll be making!)

I like the thermal material because it’s fairly porous, so the scent from the catnip will really come through. Take that old sock or shirt sleeve and tie a tight knot at the open end. Just one simple knot will do, but make sure it’s really tight so no stuffing will seep out.Easy cat toy, step 2

2. Now go up at least 8 inches from the knot and cut the material with scissors so there is a second open end. You see what’s happening here? Now you have a toy that you can stuff with goodies for your kitty.

Simple cat toy, step 33. Pour up to a handful of catnip into the sock or sleeve. I mixed things up this time and also put a few pet treats in there. Hillary has a thing for the Feline Greenies, and they are nice and smelly, which will drive her crazy.

4. Seal the open end by tying another tight knot. Shake it and tug at both ends to make sure no “stuffing” leaks out of the toy. Now you can go ahead and trim off any excess material from either end if you want. It’s up to you; your cat might actually enjoy that extra cloth.Make your own cat toy

5. Toss it to your cat! If your kitty is anything like Hillary, she’ll go wild.

I would not recommend this toy in a household where there are also dogs. It may go without saying, but a dog will destroy this thing within minutes, and it could be dangerous for dogs. For cats, I think you’ll be safe, but (as always) use your own best judgment.

Of course, there are many, many more ways you can entertain or exercise a cat without paying any money. How have you done this? What are your own best ideas for cat toys? Tell me in the comments below.


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