Savvy People With Pets Are Getting Organized With These 5 Apps

No big surprise — there’s a HUGE range of mobile apps for people with pets. I filtered through all the noise to come up with a short list of the 5 best.

Sure, many pet-themed apps out there are admittedly silly, but a few of them are really useful. By
Sure, many pet-themed apps out there are admittedly silly, but a few of them are really useful. By: leungchopan/123rf

Being a conscientious pet caregiver is not always easy. If you’re passionate about giving your pet the best possible life, your duties go beyond feeding, walking and cuddling.

Add pet care duties to the thousand other things you have to do daily, and it can all become a bit overwhelming.

More than likely, you already use your mobile devices to help you keep your life running smoothly — calendars, reminders and a host of other super specific apps that allow you to stay on top of your social life, health and work responsibilities.

So, it should come as no surprise that there is a huge range of apps available for pet caregivers. You can download anything from a dog whistle app to an app that helps you choose a name for your new puppy.

I filtered through the many, many apps (many of which are pretty silly) to come up with a short list of the most useful ones.

“Tagg Points” show how active your pet is.

1. Tagg

One of your biggest fears probably is losing your pet. Depending on where you live, a lost pet can mean almost certain danger. That’s why I love the Tagg app!

OK, it’s a little more than an app and requires a financial commitment, but having peace of mind seems worth it.

For $99, you get a docking station and a GPS tracking clip that you can attach to any standard pet collar. Then, you pay $9.95 a month for a subscription that allows you to track your pet’s location via a computer or mobile device. There is a discount if you want to pay for the whole year up front.

It also monitors physical activity so you can easily check that your pet is getting the right amount of exercise to stay healthy.

You can even choose to have notifications sent to your phone so that you know immediately if your dog or cat wanders out of a designated zone or is displaying unusual physical activity. It’s a helpful tool if you can’t always be with your pet but wish that you could be.

2. PupTox

If your pet is the type that always seems to get into everything and thinks that almost anything looks like a yummy snack, you’ll definitely want this app.

PupTox’s main feature is a searchable database of foods, plants, liquids, chemicals and other common household dangers. Do a search and you can quickly find out if what your cat or dog just ate could be dangerous.

The app even features a chocolate toxicity calculator that lets you know what to expect based on your dog’s weight and the amount and type of chocolate that has been consumed.

Another handy feature is the 1-touch call to the ASPCA’s pet poison hotline.

3. DoggyDatez

Although some people may find the idea of a doggy playdate app a little silly, it’s extremely useful for busy dog people with a solo pet.

We all know that dogs are social and thrive off the company of other dogs. But finding social opportunities can be a challenge if you don’t know a lot of other dog folks near you.

DoggyDatez, a free app, makes it easy for you:

  • It lets you “mark your territory” by selecting your general walking area on a map.
  • Then, you can search for other people with dogs who are looking for company in the same area.

You can filter by pet caregivers’ age and gender or dog age, gender and breed so you can find compatible playmates. And hey, you could even end up making a new friend for yourself!

4. Bring Fido

For those who can’t leave home without their 4-legged bestie, Bring Fido is a great solution.

The app was primarily created to help people find vacation accommodations that are pet-friendly — but you can use it to find a lot more:

Because you can add new places that you know about that aren’t already listed, the information is crowdsourced and always growing.

It’s a handy app to have when traveling with a pet, but it’s equally useful in your hometown.

5. Pet Phone

Sometimes half the battle of pet care is just keeping track of everything you’ve done and need to do to keep the little guys healthy.

Pet Phone is all about making it easy to keep your important pet-related info organized and in 1 place.

The main focus is on health — the app allows you to conveniently save info about your pet’s physical stats, allergies, medications, medical appointments and nutrition. You can track your pet’s weight over time with graphs if, like many people, you’re working on getting your pet to a healthier weight.

If you have more than 1 pet, no biggie — you can use the app to organize info about several pets at once.

You use your smartphone for a staggering amount of tasks in your life, so it makes sense to add pet care to that list. If you’ve got your own system, great, but if keeping tabs on your animal buddy and his health seems a bit daunting, there are plenty of tools out there that will make you an even better pet parent than you already are.

* * *

This article was written by Narayan Khalsa, a professional natural pet and horse care practitioner. He’s also the co-founder of Effective Pet Wellness, which makes effective, 100% organic medications for animals. Narayan is committed to helping people with pets follow a natural path in all aspects of care. For more info, check out

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