DogTek Camera Reviews – Now You Can See What Your Dog Sees

Meet the DogTek Eyenimal, “the world’s first digital pet camera.” It clips right onto the collar.

The DogTek “Eyenimal” video camera bills itself as “the world’s first digital pet camera.” In a nutshell, it’s a small, 3-inch video camera with 8 gigs of memory that conveniently clips right onto your dog or cat’s leash.

The whole outfit, which costs about $100, weighs just over an ounce. The result: a “collar’s eye” view of what your pet has been up to all day long, or at least for a two-and-a-half-hour playback period.

Here’s how the DogTek camera works: you clip it to the collar. Hit “Record.” When you’re done recording, just connect the camera to your computer via the included USB cable.

Word of warning: This camera is water-resistant, but not designed to be submerged in water. If your dog wears it while swimming in a ditch — well, you’re going to be out a hundred bucks.

DogTek camera reviewsThe company claims your dog or cat “will forget it’s there” hanging around the neck, though I have my doubt about this claim, particularly with smaller cats. At any rate, I wanted to find out more about this product, so I contacted some recent customers. Here are their reviews.

DogTek Camera Reviews

One customer said she loves being able to see what her dog and cat are up to while she’s at work. She added that the video quality is decent considering the size of the camera — though certainly not HD quality. She was even able to easily upload some videos to YouTube to share with friends.


Another recent buyer told me that the Eyenimal camera footage is much better if your pet wanders outside. He said that on adult cats it’s fine, but that kittens wind up tilting the camera downward too far because they drag it along the ground. He further added that the memory size of the camera, 8 gigs, was all you’d need for a product like this.

Another happy customer said both image quality and sound quality were spot-on for his miniature Doberman Pinschers. The only problem for him was that the camera didn’t securely lock into place on the collar. Every time a dog shook hard, the device came loose.

Of course, I didn’t hear all praise… I heard from one woman who was quite upset. She said her cat apparently rolled around with it on, scratching up the camera so much that it no longer worked. This was only three weeks after purchase.


All in all, buyers seem to be happy with this camera. To find out more, read the reviews of DogTek on Amazon (affiliate link), where you can purchase one for $79 — which is $50 off regular price on the DogTek website.

Maybe I’ll buy one of these for my own cat, Hillary. Of course, I fully expect to see a boring two and a half hours of her sleeping, so maybe not.

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