Outrageous New Product! “Mouth Diapers” for Dogs

Priced at nearly 70 dollars, this controversial spandex product slips over the head to stop drool. But is it more like a torture device? Check it out.

Dog mouth diaper - Slobber Stopper
“Dog Slobber Stopper”: It’s pretty clear what this poor dog is thinking.

Owners of drooly dogs, listen up. An online entrepreneur thinks he has just what you need. Make way for a new invention hailed as the “dog mouth diaper.”

Officially named the Dog Slobber Stopper and priced at nearly 70 bucks, this controversial spandex product slips over your dog’s head to stop drool.

Even though Dog Slobber Stopper claims the product is completely comfortable and elastic, pet owners are not amused, likening it to a torture device or something that would be seen on Hannibal Lecter’s head.


Comments on the company’s YouTube page include:

  • “It’s obvious the poor dog hates that thing!!! This is a terrible thing to do to a dog just for some convenience for you.”
    (Company response: “I am the head of a human household, not a dog household…. I put diapers on my little kids so they did not pee on my floor, and I can only ask as much from my dog.”)
  • “He DOES NOT look better with that ridiculous thing on his gorgeous head.”
    (Company response: “When the big long snotty goobers are hanging from his mouth, he is better looking with his Dog Slobber Stopper on.”)
  • Slobber Stopper logo“You do realize you’re trying to charge $70 for something a $3 hand towel will fix without any damage to the dog?”
  • “I’m sorry, this is epicly STUPID. You just don’t design a product for an animal without getting feedback from vets, trainers, experts.”
  • “This device is patently stupid, barbaric and if you’re going to bring a drooling breed into your home, don’t be surprised or appalled when the dog drools.”
  • “You are treating that dog like Hannibal Lector.”
  • “With the head covered, heat will be retained, potentially causing life-threatening medical conditions. No air will be able to get to the skin, potentially causing skin infections. Barbaric and inhumane!”

I tried to contact the company for a comment before I published this article, but the Slobber Stopper website contact form was not functional. I did send a request for comment to the website administrator, but no one has responded yet.

Update, 11/14: Someone purporting to be from Dog Slobber Stopper has responded; you can read the statement in the comments section below.

“Dumbest Invention Ever”

Right now it looks like the Dog Slobber Stopper is available only for Newfoundlands, but other breeds are in the works.

Slobber Stopper - torture device? I spoke with Jen from My Brown Newfies, who first alerted us to this product. She says, “Dumbest invention ever!” and calls it “downright cruel and inhumane.” Jen owns two Newfoundlands.

She adds: “Besides making the dog uncomfortable, it can also keep a Newfie from panting, which can result in death; it is a breeding ground for bacteria; and if needed, a Newfie would not be able to defend himself while wearing this.”

Speaking from my own experience, my last dog was a Basset Hound, as drooly as they come. I would never consider a product like this just to make my life a little more convenient and my walls a little less slobber-soaked. “Mouth diaper”? NO WAY.


What do you think? Are you as outraged as other people we’ve talked to? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below. Can’t wait to see what you say!

Photos: Dog Slobber Stopper’s YouTube channel


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