DIY: Convert an Old Macintosh into a Cat Bed

Forget about your cat sleeping on the keyboard. Now the cat can sleep inside the darn computer! Check out this eMac turned into a cat bed.

Photo: Colin Hughes

Remember the eMac? No, not the iMac — the eMac. It was a more affordable version of Apple’s iMac that was sold from 2003 to 2006. It had a nice big bulbous body, which looks a little goofy now but was a cutting-edge design not too long ago. Lately you’ve probably seen one of these old machines sitting out with the trash on the curb. Such is the dizzily short lifespan of a computer.

Well, it turns out these old Macintoshes make nifty cat beds. Just gut ’em out, toss in some bedding material, and your kitty is set. eMeow!

Colin Hughes (“actor, comedian, host, writer, animal lover” in Los Angeles) tried this out, and you have to admit the results are really cool. That’s his adorable kitty Little Mama pictured above.

Colin got a good seven years (nearly eight) out of this old machine before obsolescence inevitably set in. “As technology does, it aged and the internet sped past the computer’s capabilities,” he says.

He pondered for quite some time: “What the hell should I do with this computer that we don’t really have room for anymore?” Colin didn’t want to junk his faithful eMac; he wanted to give it a sense of purpose. Reuse and recycle, right? Channel that DIY ethos.

Flower planter? Nah, too obvious. Besides, the cats would probably try to poop in it. Then Colin’s thoughts turned to his cats…





(You can almost hear that BOOONG! sound of a Mac booting up right now, can’t you?)

And so a novel idea was born. Why look at photos of cats on the computer, when he can instead look at his own cats IN the damn computer?

That’s when he busied himself with the work to convert the old Macintosh into a cat bed. He transferred all his files, dusted everything off, then gutted out the innards. The whole thing took about an hour, he says, noting that there was a lot of dust inside.

A word of caution here for you do-it-yourselfers who might want to try this at home. Please use caution if you try to convert an old Macintosh into a cat bed. In fact, if you haven’t taken apart this kind of electronics stuff before, you shouldn’t start now. CRT monitors have to be properly discharged, or else you risk a strong shock (CRTs may hold charges for years, or so I’ve heard).

After Colin’s final touches — placing some comfortable bedding in the interior — the converted eMac kitty condo was ready for its new tenants: Little Mama and Colin’s other cat, Elvis.

The result was magical and creative. (It’s right up there with turning these old machines into aquariums.)

I just have one question. Ten years from now, how the heck are we going to turn our old iPads and iPhones into cat beds?

Dave Baker

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