What Is the Best Dog Ramp for an SUV?

In this buyers' guide, we discuss 3 popular models designed for trucks and other large vehicles.

Ramp4Paws (#1 on our list)
Ramp4Paws (#1 on our list)

Are you seeking reviews of the best dog ramp for an SUV? There are so many different models on the market that it’s hard to choose from among them.

No problem! Sit back and read this quick buyers’ guide. We have chosen three great options, and we break down the pros and cons of each.

1. Ramp4Paws Large Ramp

The Ramp4Paws Large Ramp (affiliate link), pictured above, is designed to allow your dog easy access to the back of your SUV or pickup. It rolls out for convenience and then rolls back up quickly. A storage bag is included so your vehicle stays neat when the ramp is not in use. This product is made out of polypropylene. Glass fibers have been added to the mix for added strength and durability.

We’ve heard some buyers complain that while unrolling the ramp or rolling it back up, they found that their fingers got pinched by the product. Even with great care, this still can happen. So wearing work gloves is the only safe way to use this ramp.

  • Dimensions: 65”x15.5”, 15.8 lbs.
  • Also Included: Storage bag

2. Folding Pet Ramp DR-08

The 96” Folding Pet Ramp is made out of metal, which makes it strong enough to support very large dogs up to a whopping 250 pounds. The platform is covered with a ribbed rubber surface to prevent your pet from slipping.

This is a long dog ramp, one of the longer ones available. It works well for canines with leg problems, hip dysplasia or arthritis. Because the ramp is long, there is a gentle grade where others are much steeper. You will need a little more space to open it up, but it will be well worth it for your dog’s safety.

  • Dimensions: 8’x15”
  • Also Included: N/A

3. Solvit Extra Wide Telescoping Pet Ramp

The Solvit Extra Wide Telescoping Pet Ramp is very lightweight and easily portable. It weighs only 13 pounds but can support up to 400 pounds, which is an insanely big dog size. This ramp can be used for practically any sports utility vehicle or truck and is conveniently moved using the included carrying handle. The safety latch will prevent it from opening during storage.

It is a snap to clean using plain old-fashioned soap and water. Be sure to dry it to prevent it from rusting.

The only real drawback that we have found is that there is no rubberized coating. This could be potentially dangerous for your pet, especially when it is raining or snowing outside. A few customers who bought this product have glued rubber stair treads to it.

  • Dimensions: 14”x39-72”, 13 lbs.
  • Also Included: Carrying handle
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