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If you are one of the roughly 1 out of 10 people who is allergic to cats, here's some good news: a cure for feline allergies is on the way!

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If you are one of the roughly one out of 10 people who is allergic to cats, here’s some good news: A vaccine is being developed that could soon end your sorry sniffles and sneezes. A cure for cat allergies!

Until now the solution to cat allergies has been to take antihistamine medications, get injections of allergens to build up your body’s resistance, or simply stay away from cats — as far away as possible. Obviously, those are not ideal solutions, especially in homes where cats rule the roost.

But now, according to a new study in the January issue of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, a cat allergy vaccine (in the form of a shot) is safe, at least as shown in clinical trials so far. The “peptide immunotherapy” shots reduced trial participants’ cat allergies by about 40 percent, with no serious side effects.

About four to eight shots per year may be required with this new vaccine, which is a significant improvement over the more frequent injections needed with traditional allergy shots, and apparently with fewer side effects.

But don’t expect to see the cat allergy vaccine right away. It’s not on the market yet, and may not be ready this year, even though it has been in the works for the past decade. Adiga Life Sciences is developing the medication, and will now be moving on to larger, Phase III studies to determine optimal dosing, among other things. Of course, the vaccine will also need FDA approval in the United States before you can get your hands on it.

So until then, sorry, but you’ll just have to keep sneezing and sniffling.

Three Quick Tips to Reduce Cat Allergies

  1. Get that cat off your bed, and out of your bedroom. Create a cat-free zone in the bedroom. You deserve this sanctuary. So close the door and scat, cat!
  2. Remember that four-letter word: HEPA. HEPA air filters are your lifeline. Use an air purifier with one of these miracle filters. You’ll have to change it frequently, but it’s worth that little bit of trouble. Make sure your vacuum cleaner has a high-grade HEPA filter as well. And use it! Vacuum the furniture, carpet, even the walls. Read our top advice for eliminating pet hair.
  3. Don’t forget the source of your problems. And by that, we mean the cat. Allerpet C for Cats & People Allergic to Cats (affiliate link) is a good anti-allergen cat lotion that will cut down on the amount of dander. Just take that kitty to the bathtub and rub her down. Don’t forget to wash your hands with a strong anti-bacterial soap when you’re done!


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