What Are Paw Points?

paw-points-iconPaw Points are points that Petful members earn by doing various things on our site, such as logging in, posting or replying to the forums, and adding to your profile.

Earning Paw Points lets you help animals in need! When you get to 50,000 points, upon your request we will make a $50 donation to your favorite U.S.-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal shelter or rescue. Yes, it’s that simple. We love giving back!

How to Earn Paw Points

  • Join Petful (5,000 points)
  • Start a great new forum thread (500 points)
  • Reply thoughtfully to someone else’s forum post (250 points)
  • Post an update to your profile activity stream (25 points)
  • Comment on someone’s profile activity (20 points)
  • Log in to Petful (20 points)
  • “Like” a profile activity post or a forum post (20 points)

How to Redeem Paw Points

Check your current total here. When you hit 50,000 points, just contact Dave, and he’ll take care of making your donation! We’ll also announce the momentous occasion on the forums and discuss your chosen charity.

The Fine Print

Right now, we can only give out $2,000 in donations per year max. That means that once a total of 40 members have redeemed their points, that’s it until the next year. Your points, however, do roll over to the next year, and in the new year we’ll award in order of highest points first. Beyond moving up the waiting list, you don’t get anything extra if you have more than 50,000 points.

Once you redeem your points, that’s it. You just keep collecting more points. There are no additional donations available beyond 50,000 points. However, it will look really cool on the leaderboard if you have a ton of points, so there’s always that!

Of course, we’re always improving, so keep checking to see what your Paw Points can get you.


Sadly, not everyone plays fair. We do monitor these things. If you tamper with the way the points system works or try to “cheat the system” (or even if we suspect you’re doing this), you’ll be asked to leave the community. Which makes this kitten really, really sad.

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