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Tips on Cleaning a Bird Cage (3 replies)

7 months ago
animalwarrior 7 months ago

Hello pals, my Dad has a dozen on parakeets at home there's actually some new baby birds coming up -- we are just waiting for the egg to hatch. It's been a terrible mess at the yard from the seeds to their dirt. Their cage looks messy and my Dad have started to think on whether to give them away since he is an old man. What will be the best solution for this, should we keep this birds or not? A tips on cleaning a birds cage will be highly appreciated. 

Melissa Smith
7 months ago
Melissa Smith 7 months ago

Hi animalwarrior! I've never had birds myself, but I would like to learn more about their care. Believe it or not, one of my go-to places for "How Tos" is Pinterest. I find an incredible amount of information there.


6 months ago
animalwarrior 6 months ago

Hi @Melissa thank you so much for the feedback, I will visit pinterest now to get an idea. 

6 months ago
DogLoverEra 6 months ago

Hi animalwarrior,

I also never had birds like Melissa, but based on a friend of mine who has a lot on their rooftop, antibacterial detergent and a scrub will do the magic. They leave no traces and ensures that the area will be sanitized. Using warm water will soften the bird droppings that have been dried for a long time.

Hope this helps 🙂

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