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Time to Feed these Hungry Sea Creatures (2 replies)

6 months ago
animalwarrior 6 months ago

I just want to share with you this oh so adorable video of a kid feeding his turtles. 


6 months ago
DogLoverEra 6 months ago

That's so adorable! 🙂

The turtles also move a little faster than I expected. Maybe because it's eating time. LOL.

Melissa Smith
6 months ago
Melissa Smith 6 months ago

That is so cute!!!!

When I was (much) younger, I worked at a wild animal farm. We had goats that used to wander around for people to pet and feed. Let me just tell you....dinner time was like an old west stampede. You'd go out of the barn and shake the bucket with the feed in it. That was it, just shake the bucket. Goats would come from EVERYwhere and start stampeding towards you at warp speed. I used to stand on top of something because I was afraid I'd get trampled!

Goats are not playing when it comes to food, yo. Lol!

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