Good News from Japan: Heartwarming Pet Tales

In times of great tragedy, we need all good news we can get. Here are a few post-tsunami pet stories that will warm your heart.

With all the horrible news coming from Japan, it can be difficult to remember that even in a time of great tragedy, good things can still happen — especially when those good things involve pet stories with happy endings.

Back when Katrina devastated New Orleans, one of my biggest concern was for the victims’ pets. When I heard that their owners weren’t allowed to bring them to shelters, I could only imagine how worried they were. I’m so glad FEMA has adopted new pet policies!

I also had similar worries after the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. With all the devastation, would pet owners be able to find their pets, let alone take them with them to shelters?

The answer to both questions is, fortunately, yes. Many Japanese people have been allowed to bring their pets to shelters, which must be a huge relief.

Pets are also being reunited with their owners — although this won’t be true for everyone in the tsunami wake, I hope we see more stories like these emerging soon.

These are a few of my favorite pet stories coming out of Japan this past week.

1. Man Weeps When Reunited With Dog

japan tsunamiI love this picture of a Japanese tsunami victim being reunited with his beloved dog. One of my biggest worries with respect to natural disasters is becoming separated from my pets. I’m so glad this man found his little pal!

The most touching part of this photo is the expression on the man’s face. I think any pet lover can empathize with the look of joy he’s wearing behind his tears.

2. Woman Finds Cat in the Wreckage of Her Home

As you’ll see in the video, this woman’s house was almost leveled by the tsunami. Although seeing her possessions destroyed is terrible, fearing that her cat was also a victim is heartbreaking. In this video, she goes from room to room, looking for her kitty … you’ll have to watch to find out what happens next!

3. Ultimate Loyalty: Japanese Dog Refuses to Leave Injured Friend Behind

One of the best stories I’ve heard is about the dog who refused to leave his injured canine companion, guarding him until rescuers convinced him they were only there to help. The injured dog was taken to a vet for emergency medical care, and his friend is waiting for him at a shelter.

4. Dog May Have Ridden Tidal Wave to Safety…

…and animal rescue workers found him a week later! For this fascinating tale, click over to this story: “Surfing” Dachshund Found in Wake of Tsunami.

Have you heard any good stories about pets surviving natural disasters? Share them in the comments!

Tamar Love Grande

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Tamar Love Grande, former associate editor, is a Crazy Dog Person who has fostered and found homes for more than 200 dachshunds in the past few years. Tamar lives in Los Angeles with her husband, her cat and far too many wiener dogs.

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