1 Month After House Fire, Dachshund Found Alive

When Terisa Acevedo’s house burned down, she was certain she would never see her Dachshund again. But then a miracle happened.

Dachshund found alive 1 month after house fire. MSPCA-Angell photo.
Dachshund found alive 1 month after house fire. MSPCA-Angell photo.

When Terisa Acevedo’s house in Boston burned down on February 23, she was certain she’d never see Lola, her beloved Dachshund, again.

But a miracle happened a month later — Lola was found in the abandoned house, alive and in fairly good physical condition.

When Acevedo returned to the house in mid-March, she heard something scratching at the door. “We thought it was raccoon or something in the house,” she says.

Much to her delight, it was Lola, her black-and-tan longhair Dachshund, who miraculously survived not only the house fire but four weeks in the condemned remains of the house. Acevedo had previously returned to the house to look for Lola but had been unable to find any sign of the dog.

A Miracle

“There was not one day that went by that I didn’t think about her, that my eyes would tear up — I missed her so much,” Acevedo says.

“I couldn’t believe it. I’m never going to tell her ‘no’ ever again. You want a treat? Here you go.”

According to Dr. Anya Gambino at Angell Memorial Hospital, where Lola is being treated, the Dachshund’s survival was a bit of a miracle. “It’s something I’ve never seen before. And this I would categorize if she was my dog — miraculous.”

Despite the limited food and water, as well as several nights of sub-freezing temperatures, the Dachshund is doing well and is expected to recover. Her veterinarian surmises that Lola was able to find enough water and food scraps to make it through the ordeal.

“She probably was eating something in there,” says Dr. Megan Whelan, who has been treating Lola. “There’s some material on her X-rays, mineral-like material. So, she might have been getting into something in the house.”

Tearful Reunion

Needless to say, Acevedo was overjoyed at being reunited with her wiener dog.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Acevedo says. “I’m never going to tell her ‘no’ ever again. You want a treat? Here you go.”

If you have pets, please consider buying a pet alert sticker for your home. Put one near every entrance so firefighters will know you have pets and attempt to rescue them during an emergency.

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