Strongest Dog in the World Still Kickin’

A photo of a very muscular dog is no hoax. That’s Wendy, a whippet with an odd genetic defect.

Muscle dog Wendy and Arnold Schwarzenegger

If you do a Google image search for the rather generic search term “dog,” the very first image you’ll see (out of 128 million others) is a photo you’ll swear has been Photoshopped.

It’s an image of a big, muscular dog that looks like it has been given a pile of steroids.

In fact, some captions say this particular pooch is the “strongest dog in the world.”

Alas, the photo is not a hoax. The pictured dog is a whippet named Wendy.

Why is this dog so ripped, looking something like a canine Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Well, it turns out poor Wendy has a rare genetic problem known formally as myostatin. She’s basically “double muscled,” and weighs twice as much as she should.

She’s bulging from all quarters, and has not just 6-pack abs but something more akin to a 24-pack!

“Wendy Is Doing Great”

“Bully Whippets” like Wendy are currently the subject of frantic scientific research.

These normally sleek dogs (cousins to Greyhounds) have a fearsome, knuckle-dragging “I’m gonna kick yer freakin’ butt!” appearance, but Wendy’s mom says she’s friendly and enjoys nothing more than a good back scratch.

Although the famous dog photo is no fake, there is a bit of a myth going around on the Internet: namely, that Wendy is some sort of covert canine spy for the Russian Army.

That’s ridiculous. Wendy and her mom, Ingrid Hansen, live in British Columbia.

“She doesn’t know she’s got a genetic defect,” says Ingrid. “She might give you a nasty lick, that’s all.”

I spoke with Ingrid by email last year, and Wendy, soon to turn 9 years old, is still doing well. Here’s what Ingrid told me:

“Wendy is doing great. She slowed down a little over the winter, but now with the good weather is gearing up again. She does still like to play and wrestle with my two poodles, and acts like a puppy when she’s doing it. Mostly she does what she has always done; sleep, eat and play whenever she feels like it.”

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  1. Tamar Love Grande
    Tamar Love Grande
    June 9, 2011

    I’m sure Wendy is a lovely beast, but she freaks me out as much as Ahnold in the Conan movies.


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