5 Dogs Who Are Real-Life Heroes

These brave and loyal pooches saved lives.

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If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to have a dog in your life, you know the kind of bond that can form. The endless snuggling, sloppy licks and drive to please are just a few of the ways they show their endless love.

In some situations, though, dogs push that loyal, endearing nature to the limits. It’s not unheard of for them to risk their lives for others, even in the most terrifying situations.

These 5 dogs are perfect examples of pets willing to sacrifice themselves for their human companions. Each has a unique story to tell, and because of them, their people do, too.

1. Figo the Golden Retriever

Audrey Stone, a resident of Putnam County in New York, is blind. While out for a walk one day with her service dog, Figo, a Golden Retriever, Audrey was nearly hit and killed by a school bus.

As he sped toward them, the driver of the bus didn’t see Audrey and Figo crossing the street. Figo, however, was fully aware of the approaching disaster.

Unfortunately, it was too late to get Audrey out of the way. Instead of jumping aside and saving himself, though, in an attempt to shield her, Figo jumped in between Audrey and the bus instead.

Because of the dog’s heroics, Audrey recovered from her injuries. After quick medical attention, the 2 left what could have been a deadly situation alive.

2. Lilly the Pit Bull

Lilly was adopted as a companion for Christine Spain, who now owes her life to the dog.

As Christine and Lilly were out for a walk one night, Christine fell and became unconscious in the most dangerous of places — a working railroad track. As Lily stood by, trying to help her human, a train was approaching.

The conductor of that train saw a person on top of the tracks ahead and signaled for the train to stop, but there wasn’t enough time. As the train approached Christine, the conductor saw Lily desperately trying to drag Christine off the tracks.

Amazingly, Lily was able to save Christine’s life that night, nearly losing her own in the process.

Lily’s injuries were severe — her leg was amputated and steel plates now keep her standing — but even during the aftermath, her only focus was on standing by Christine and making sure she was OK.

The loyalty dogs have for their humans is unparalleled. By: nelumbo

3. Boydy the Sheepdog

Herbert Schutz, a 76-year-old man from Australia, nearly died after crashing his car into a tree in a wooded area. Although he was able to escape the wreckage, Herbert was then pinned to the ground after the car rolled over him.

Herbert, with a fractured skull, broken hips and a dislocated shoulder, was helpless under the car — for days.

From Friday to Monday, Boydy stood watch over his companion, making sure to keep him warm during the cold nights.

After not hearing from her dad, Herbert’s daughter organized a search party in the area. As they came upon the wrecked car, Boydy came running from the other side and brought the party over to the trapped man.

Because of Boydy’s heroism, Herbert recovered in the hospital after the accident.

4. Baby the Pit Bull

Rhonda and her sister, Evelyn, were completely unaware that their dryer had caught fire during the night. It wasn’t until Rhonda’s dog, Baby, a pit bull, forced them awake that they saw the hallway by their bedrooms light up in flames.

After Baby relentlessly jumped on them in bed, the 2 woman escaped the fire, but their 5 dogs were still inside the house.

Without hesitation, Baby ran back into the fire and helped all 5 dogs out, including one who was hiding under a bed. Baby literally dragged the frightened pup out by the collar.

Because of Baby, the 2 women and all 5 dogs made it out alive.

This dog weathered 3 rattlesnake bites to protect his family:

5. Henry the Chocolate Lab

Frank and Henry, a human and dog duo from Tennessee, shared an evident bond that was made especially obvious in the face of a life-threatening accident.

As Frank was cutting down a tree on his property one day, he was trapped for 3 hours after it fell directly on top of him. Frank’s injuries were so severe that he couldn’t even call for help. To keep him conscious, Henry persistently licked and nudged his companion, which Frank claims is why he’s still alive today.

Henry was finally able to get a neighbor’s attention, who immediately called 911.

Frank was taken by helicopter to a hospital and made a recovery, largely thanks to Henry’s guardianship.

These and other dogs are more than just pets to their humans — they’re modern-day superheroes.

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