Being Petful Means Everything to Me

It’s all about putting my pets first above everything else. They are my solace, and I am their loyal and loving protector and companion.

Editor’s Note: In July 2015, Pets Adviser rebranded as Petful, the site you see today. In honor of that occasion, we asked some of our regular readers to tell us what “being petful” means to them. Here’s one of their responses.

My 5 beauties.
Here are my 5 beauties.

By Kathy Groux
Subscriber since November 2013

What is being petful?

To me, it means having 5 cats — 4 of them seniors, 3 with special needs and 1 a kitten. It means crying when you read about a 7-year-old cat being dumped at a shelter because the “owner” was buying a new couch.

It means being 56 years old and looking around your apartment and realizing the only possessions you have are a TV and DVD player, books and a cell phone. The rest of the apartment is filled with cat trees, cat toys, cat blankets, cat beds, towels to catch cat litter, cat pooper scoopers and a recliner covered in cat hair.

It means looking forward every year to attending the open house at a favorite no-kill cat shelter so you can bid on items you really don’t need but buy to support the shelter. It means checking the pet food recall list every day because you just bought food last month that was recalled and had your heart almost stop in fear.

It is having pride in your brother, who is 4 years younger than you, because he has his own bengal rescue and has 25 cats (and his house is immaculate!).

It is living in a camper with no running water, no sewage and no gas, and using a power cord to supply the electricity because no one will rent to you because you have 5 cats and no, you will not get rid of them to be able to live in an apartment complex.

It is telling your family on the East Coast that you can’t come out to live there because, frankly, they won’t let you bring your cats.

It is being a veteran with PTSD and hugging your cats every day and crying into their fur because their love carries you through your nightmares.

It means enjoying every minute of time with your cats, because they depend on you and you are going to be a responsible cat mommy and never, ever abandon them because they are old or have medical problems.

Being petful can take a lot of time and effort — but in the end, it is worth 100-plus times more than what it cost.

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