How to Communicate With Your Dead Pet… Maybe

Setting all skepticism aside, in order to communicate with your dead pet, believers will need a good pet psychic. It’s easier said than done.

Communicate With Your Dead Pet
Dog ghost? By: andy carter

Do you think it’s possible that you can communicate with your dead pet?

There is a pet psychic in New York City with the natural ability to read “energy auras,” not only in humans, but in canines, felines, and the occasional chicken, horse, elephant and monkey. And she does this from a single picture. Seriously.

Through a process she calls “photo sensing,” she senses the energy, vibration, colors and energy surrounding your critter.

“Dates appear above the animal’s head, and the picture begins to move like in a movie, the dog psychic explained. “I can see the buildings, clothing and surroundings related to the … past life. Not many pet psychics are tapping into an animal’s past lives, and people are interested to know their pets on a deeper level.”

I was a bit intrigued by this pet communicator’s claims, and I set out to experience her services first hand.

  • Subject in question: My 1-year-old Boston Terrier.
  • Name: Bandit.
  • Hobbies: Playing in the park, snoring, passing gas, sleeping on my pillow and chasing balls.

In our year together, Bandit has established himself as a member of the family, and I at least like to think that he is moderately happy with the life of leisure I have provided for him. But who really is this creature with whom I spend so much time, and more important, what is he thinking when he quizzically gazes at me? You know the look.

As instructed, I e-mailed two photos to the pets psychic: one of myself and one of Bandit sitting proudly on a rock in Central Park. The psychic offered me a phone reading based on these images.

Dog Psychic Reading

The dog psychic reading went something like this:

Psychic: “Oh, you two know each other really well. You’re very old friends. I’m seeing England in the 1820s. You two were companions, and he was your bodyguard.”

Me (to self): Bandit? The goof! A bodyguard?

Psychic: “Bandit has a very sweet energy about him but is also very controlling. He likes his own way. Oh, I’m seeing that Bandit was not a male dog in his past life, but a female dog named Joy. I see her back then with a smile on her face!”

Me (to self): Well, Joy is an appropriate name, and he does have his little boyfriend on the block, Alfie, the French Bulldog.

Psychic: “Bandit’s other owner, your boyfriend. … I think they met later, around 1825. You all lived together in an art studio. Bandit [aka Joy] was the guard dog to this studio. I think your boyfriend was a sculptor in his past life.”

Me: “Well, that’s interesting, because my boyfriend is an artist now — a photographer, actually.”

Psychic: “Oh yes, this makes sense. And you were all living together in a city environment. I can see the buildings. It looks like you are living in either London or New York.”

Me (to self): Hmm, fascinating, really. This is all so very Shirley MacLain.

Psychic: “And I can sense that Bandit has some kind of behavioral problem going on right now. Has he been having a behavioral issue? This problem needs to be treated like a habit that he needs to break. This is not related to any health issues, from what I see.”

Me: “Well, he has been throwing up a lot lately, pulling on his leash, jumping up on everybody he meets, sniffing a lot of the bottoms of strange dogs, not coming when called. … Should I go on? Then again he is a puppy.”

So, ahem … that was my journey to the other side and back. I think we can agree there was nothing earth-shattering.

Some of the observations didn’t correlate with what I felt to be an intimate knowledge of my pup. But, then again, I don’t mind thinking of being with Bandit (Joy) in 19th-century Europe. That seems a rather regal way of looking at our relationship, and at worst, this telephone reading from a pet psychic was great fun.

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Suggested Reading

Even if a pet psychic is too phooey for you, may we suggest a book? Many grieving pet owners have found some solace when reading the excellent When Your Pet Dies: A Guide to Mourning, Remembering and Healing (affiliate link).

It’s a compassionate handbook to understanding why your feelings are so strong after the death of your family member, and it also shows you how to explain the loss to your children. This beautifully written, special book includes some helpful ideas for remembering and memorializing your pet.


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