10 Well-Designed Gifts for the Cat Lover in Your Life

I think you’ll fall in love with the earrings.

The holidays are nearly upon us.

That means you’re probably spending more of your free time scrolling through endless pages of gift ideas for impossible-to-shop-for friends and family members.

Since you’re already scrolling, take a minute and scroll through this carefully curated list of gifts that would be perfect for the cat-loving ladies in your life.

1. Definition of My Cat Personalized Pillow


We call our dog the Pig because she sounds like a pig and — don’t tell her this — she also kind of looks like one. Our friends have referred to their cats (lovingly, I assure you) as the Official Mop, the Bug Catcher and Ms. Double Personality.

However you choose to define your pets, you can share the sentiments on a decorative throw pillow. That way, when you mention your furry bacon-stealer, everyone will know you’re referring to the cat.

Price: $22.40 from Personalization Mall

2. Cat Head Planter

cat plant

This trio of felt cat heads is too adorable. The heart-nosed kitten faces would make a perfect addition to a windowsill, bookshelf or computer desk. Handmade? Well, that’s just a bonus.

Price: $60 from The Yarn Kitchen

3. Cat Commands Dish Towel

cat towel

Cats like being told what to do about as much as the girl who’s using this wickedly funny dish towel. I’m not saying cats blatantly disobey their humans, but if you tell a cat to sit and she sits, it was probably just a happy coincidence.

Price: $18 from Anthropologie

4. Cat Button Keychain


What’s the point in having a cat if you can’t brag about how awesome he is?

To remind you of that, here’s a clever keychain you can carry around all day until you return home to your awesome purring friend.

Price: $4 from Zazzle

5. Black Cat Fabric Button Earrings

cat ear

Another handmade wonder, these fabric earrings need to find their way into my jewelry box right meow! If you’re not much of a black cat fan, flip through some of this artisan’s other earrings. You might fall in love with the sleeping white cat or leopard print set.

Price: $7.50 from Handmade

6. Black Cat Headphones


We’ve all seen those cute scarves or sweatshirts with cat ears sewn onto the hoods. We’ve even seen headbands with pointed kitten ears. But this is a whole new level of adorable functionality.

Price: $40 from UncommonGoods

7. Gassy Cat Print Sweatshirt

gas cat

Be honest: How much time do you spend scouring stores for the perfect top to wear to ugly-sweater parties? This Christmas, you can take home the gold while guaranteeing some chuckles and still representing your cat-loving heart.

Just remember to tuck this top away before Grandma comes to visit.

Price: $9.40 from Sammy Dress

8. Cat Nap Hat


Winter is coming. And, no, I’m not just quoting Game of Thrones. Cold weather is just around the corner, and that means bundling up in knitted fuzzy layers every time we step outside. Just because we have to brace ourselves for each trip out into the frigid wind doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our fashion sense.

Give passersby something to smile about with this extra-cozy knitted hat featuring a sleepy cat face and 2 soft ears.

Price: $14.99 from ModCloth

9. Astronaut Cat Pint Glasses

pint glass cat

If I’m willing to buy my pet a fancy water fountain, I might as well start with buying myself some more interesting glassware, right?

As luck would have it, Bread and Badger carries a set of pint glasses that would just tie the room together. Well, maybe the room doesn’t have all that much along the lines of feline space exploration decor, but who on Earth (or outer space) could say no to etched astronaut cat pint glasses?

Price: $65 from Bread and Badger

10. Because Cats Tote Bag

cat tot

Why do you always look so happy? Why do you have fur on your black shirt? Why do you have a drawer full of milk rings and laser pointers?

Because — cats.

Sure, it’s not an appropriate response to every question, but it’s still a cool message for a cat lover to carry on a tote bag. The bag comes in 3 sizes, and if you still aren’t sold on adding to your growing collection of tote bags, check out the other products you can pick up with this awesome illustration.

Price: $18 from Society6

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