Sammy, meaning “heard by God,” is a great male dog name for dogs who are outgoing or eager to please. Find out more about dogs named Sammy.


Name: Sammy (see also: Sam)

Meaning: “Heard by God”

Personality: Eager to Please, Outgoing

About This Name: Singer/songwriter Justin Bieber named his papillon dog Sammy, and actress Victoria Justice (Zoey) has a Bichon Frise/schnauzer mix who also shares this name. One of the most famous people with this name was actor and singer Sammy Davis Jr., and in the book Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer, the female lead had a seeing-eye dog named Sammy Davis Jr. The TY Company created a beanie baby named Sammy to honor Dominican baseball player Sammy Sosa. If you grew up reading the comic Family Circus, you’ll recall that one of their dogs was named Sammy.

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