Rusty, meaning “reddish-brown color,” is a great male dog name for dogs who are shy or independent. Find out more about dogs named Rusty.


Name: Rusty

Meaning: “Reddish-brown color”

Personality: Independent, Shy

About This Name: In the 1998 movie Rusty: The Great Rescue, Rusty was a lovable Beagle who came to help some newborn puppies who had been kidnapped. There was also a dog named Rusty in Disney’s Home on the Range. Famous people with the name Rusty include figure skater Rusty Fein, baseball player Rusty Kuntz and director Rusty Cundieff. Rusty the Diesel was a supporting character in the Thomas the Tank Engine franchise. King of the Hill’s character Dale Gribble often used the name Rusty Shackleford as an alias. In the National Lampoon’s movies, Rusty is Clark Griswold’s son.

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Is Your Dog Named Rusty?

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