Rocco, meaning “battle cry,” is a great male dog name for dogs who are tough or independent. Find out more about dogs named Rocco.


Name: Rocco (see also: Rocky)

Meaning: “Battle cry”

Personality: Tough, Independent

About This Name: In the 2014 film The Drop, Rocco was an abused pit bull who was taken in by a loving bartender (Tom Hardy). Madonna has a son named Rocco. Other famous people with the name include celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito, Tampa Bay Rays coach Rocco Baldelli and filmmaker Rocco Botte. Earth’s moon has a small lunar crater named Rocco. The late 2017 accidental death in the United Kingdom of a 5-month-old Border Terrier named Rocco spurred a social media movement encouraging people to remove their dogs’ collars while they are at home.

How Much We Love It:

  (4/5 Paws)

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