Riley, meaning “symbol of peace,” is a great male dog name for dogs who are independent or outgoing. Find out more about dogs named Riley.


Name: Riley

Meaning: “Symbol of peace”

Personality: Independent, Outgoing

About This Name: Riley is becoming more popular as a dog’s name. The name got a boost when the video game Call of Duty: Ghosts was released — a German Shepherd portrays Riley, who does some hard-core sniffing for explosives. In 2010, Zak Anderegg was hiking in an Arizona desert when he happened upon a scared black puppy who was starving at the bottom of a canyon. He nursed the dog back to health and named him Riley. Musicians who share the name include Riley McDonough, lead vocalist for the pop group Before You Exit, and Riley Baugus, a musician and instrument builder from North Carolina.

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