Dexter, meaning “skilled” or “fortunate,” is a great male dog name for dogs who are outgoing. Find out more about dogs named Dexter.


Name: Dexter

Meaning: “Skilled,” “fortunate”

Personality: Outgoing

About This Name: This name has risen in popularity over the years, partly thanks to the popular TV show about a serial killer named Dexter that aired from 2006 to 2013. Singer Dexter Roberts was a contestant on American Idol. Actor Dexter Dardan is best known for his roles in Maze Runner and Joyful Noise. Jazz musician Dexter Gordon’s bebop style helped him become famous in the 1940s. Finally, another famous Dexter is singer/songwriter Dexter Holland of the punk band The Offspring, who in 2017 earned his Ph.D. in molecular biology, an advanced education he had put on hold for nearly 25 years in order to focus on rock ‘n’ roll starting in the early ’90s.

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