Blue, popular with pit bulls, cattle dogs and blue heelers, is a great male dog name for dogs who are outgoing. Find out more about dogs named Blue.


Name: Blue

Meaning: “Color between green and indigo”

Personality: Outgoing

About This Name: “You’re my boy, Blue!” If you’ve watched Old School, then you probably had a good laugh when Will Ferrell’s character yelled that line to note the passing of a dear friend named Blue. The most popular name for American Pit Bull Terriers, Blue is also the chosen name for many Australian Cattle Dogs and blue heelers. A bloodhound with this name played a role in the long-running Andy Griffith Show. Blue’s Clues featured an animated blue puppy who tried to communicate by leaving paw prints on three clues. Actor Blue Deckert starred in the 2009 film The Stepfather. And singers Beyoncé and Jay-Z chose this name for their first-born daughter.

How Much We Love It:

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