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The Gift...? That Keeps on Giving - Giving Pets As Gifts (5 replies)

Melissa Smith
10 months ago
Melissa Smith 10 months ago

This time of year there are a plethora of pets being bought, sold, traded and adopted; all intended to be gifts. It's prevalent enough that some shelters actually refuse to adopt out their animals during the holiday season!

I know what I think of this practice - but I'm interested in what others think about giving pets as gifts. Do you support or oppose the practice or fall somewhere in the middle? Why or why not?


Kristine Lacoste
9 months ago
Kristine Lacoste 9 months ago

I'm not a fan of pets as gifts.  What if the dog is high energy, and the family works long hours?  What about the cuddly cat given to the family without knowing the husband is allergic? If a pet is going to be a gift, the recipient should be involved.

9 months ago
lisahut123 9 months ago

I do love pets and I have a golden retriever of 4 months. He loves us and we also do really take care of him. But in the case of gifting someone a pet, I do certainly agree with Kristine. We should think about how the recipient will see this. 

Melissa Smith
9 months ago
Melissa Smith 9 months ago
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I'm not a fan of gifting pets. I think it's a huge commitment for pet parents and it should be something that has been given a lot of thought and research before a new pet is brought into a home. So I agree with you both!

6 months ago
jamesthomes 6 months ago

The person who gives a dog as a gift gets a front row seat to watch those first wonderful moments. But think about the scene in which you present your loved one with their furry gift, and look at it from the other side: the excitement of the holidays can produce a frenzied, almost manic atmosphere, and excited energy like that can be an unhealthy way to begin a new canine relationship.

Melissa Smith
6 months ago
Melissa Smith 6 months ago
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As Easter approaches, this becomes an issue again - bunnies and ducklings and chicks are now "up for grabs" when it comes to gifting.

James, I agree with you. It's hard to help a new pet adjust to a household when things are crazy like they can be around the holidays. Plus, I just think it's a bad call. You're essentially giving someone - without their consent - a huge responsibility that they may not want or be able to properly attend to. That's why I firmly believe that pets should never be presents. It should be a discussed decision that's been researched and properly thought through.

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