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Single person, work long hours, can have a dog? (6 replies)

4 months ago
adamlevine 4 months ago

Hello everyone. I just graduated and am prepared to go to work. I would like a dog here in Alaska, but I don't know if it is a good fit for someone who will work from morning to night like me. What do you think?

Melissa Smith
4 months ago
Melissa Smith 4 months ago

Hi there!

Unless you have someone that can visit your house daily and spend time with/let your dog out to toilet, it's probably not a good idea to get a dog right now. Dogs need a fair amount of attention and if you're not home much, it's hard to give it to them. I'm a pet sitter, and I spend a LOT of time out of my house. For that reason (even though I would love to have a dog) I won't get one right now.

Do you have friends with dogs? You can possibly work something out with them where they bring their dog over on your days off, or you pop over and spend time with their dogs when you can. That way you get your doggie fix but don't have one at home spending most of their time alone.

4 months ago
On-guard 4 months ago

There are pet sitters and dog walkers in your area who are safe to give your house key to. They will be happy to go to your home and care for your pet. I would suggest one that's private and has insurance and who is able to text you letting you know they are there, and feed and walk your dog then give you a detailed summary of the visit. Young dogs need a lot of exercise and interaction. Most private sitters charge per visit, not per pet. You can usually get someone who can do this at 15/20 dollars a day. Good luck.

As a pet sitter, I'm letting you know that bored dogs can behave badly. I have seen them do bad things to couches and walls, to the shoes and remote. A bored dog can be a distrustful dog.

Melissa Smith
3 months ago
Melissa Smith 3 months ago

Bored dogs definitely cause a lot of damage - not because they're malicious, but because they're, well, bored. Kind of like leaving a toddler alone to amuse themselves!

2 months ago
aliceinwonder 2 months ago

Hey its just cruel to a dog. It will be alone at home whole day long, just sad and bored. And if there will be some dog-walkers - your dog will be less attached to you as her.. well.. parent. 

My dog is old enough for me to understand that my husband shouldn't get it. We both work, she is a big dog in two rooms. She wants activity and communication. Instead she sleeps and chews our pillows =(

Melissa Smith
2 months ago
Melissa Smith 2 months ago

As a pet sitter, I can promise that your dogs love you even more than they do me 😉

I basically get to be the fun aunt - I show up, we go outside and play games or go fun places, I feed cookies, then I go home. LOL

6 days ago
Kazzypug 6 days ago

Hi I don’t think it’s a good idea. Why get a dog when your Working all the time. The dog will suffer boredom then destroys your house. Even if you had a dog walker come in twice a day the dog would probably be more attached to them it’s just not fair. I think you should definitely wait until you have more time or a partner to share responsibilities. 

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