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Pet Food Recalls (2 replies)

Gail Simon
1 year ago
Gail Simon 1 year ago

I hope you will join this thread. I think Dave was talking about this a year ago, or so.

But I think it's very relevant today. I recently watched a documentary about how pet food is really made. I was disgusted and repulsed. Most of the major plants where pet foods are made put the most awful things in their foods. The carcasses of deceased pets are ground up and used. (No, it wasn't stated where these carcasses came from.) They use motor oil, ground up wood chips as filler, and it goes on. I'll find it and post it here.

I believe the FDA isn't really doing very much to monitor this industry...it's a wonderful our fur babies live as long as they do. I did some checking around and found a couple of companies who have good reputations. One was River'state Run-I hope I have the name correct. It's now out of business. Another was Life's Abundance Premium Pet Foods. I can't really find anything bad about them.

Does anyone else have input on truly decent food? My last 2 cats passed due to kidney failure. My vet said it was due to the food. I guess feeding store bought food is like putting them on a lifetime diet of DQ or McDonald's.  I have a new little kitty girl and I don't want this to happen to her!

Dave Baker
1 year ago
Dave Baker 1 year ago

Hi Gail. I'm in full agreement that the FDA isn't going far enough to regulate the pet food industry and monitor safety. The ongoing, years-long jerky crisis perfectly encapsulates the agency's snail's pace to respond.

As far as choosing a commercial brand of pet food for your pet, I think it's all about balance — a balance between quality and price. There are some higher quality foods out there for sure. But we could have a discussion from now until next century about what's the "best" brand or worst brand of cat food. A lot of it comes down to what works for your own cat. There is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Personally, I feed my cat Wellness canned (and dry) cat food. It works well for her, she likes it, and it's not too pricey. If you wanted something ultra-premium, Tiki was a pretty big hit with Hillary, too, and it gets solid reviews online. 

1 year ago
A.D. 1 year ago
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Hi Guys!

I have to agree with Dave, there's not one food out there that I would say is the "best" on the market.  It's all about what is the BEST food for YOUR individual pet.  Wellness is a really good brand, I recommend their food all the time.  However, other cats thrive on Orijen, Acana, Taste of the Wild, etc.  

There are so many foods out on the market, and I get overwhelmed researching and learning about them.  Being in the pet nutrition industry, I have to know these brands at the drop of a hat for any of my clients.  I'm not joking when I say that there's a new pet food out on the market every single day.  We're in a booming industry.  

Personally, I mostly feed my dogs a complete raw diet - I really like the brands Primal, Vital Essentials, and Stella and Chewey's.  I also add some dry kibble every now and then and I'm obsessed with 2 brands at the moment - Petkind and Petcurean Now Fresh.  Both of these Canadian companies follow the EU standards (the highest standards when it comes to pet food.)  If I feed canned food, my go-to brand is Weruva. Everything is grain free and some are gluten free.  Most, and sometimes all, ingredients are sourced fresh and local- if not, I can call them and find out exactly where each ingredient was sourced and why they chose to source from there.  

A lot of these small, independent, family-owned companies are very transparent about their food, ingredients, farmers, or suppliers.  Everything is humanely raised, antibiotic and hormone free, and cruelty free.  The fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients are also locally and freshly sourced and GMO free (sometimes organic). And those things are super important to me, personally, which is why I look for foods that fit that criteria.  

Cats are descendants from desert big cats.  There's not a lot of water in the desert, think of a pride of Lions during the dry season on the Serengeti - where do they drink?  They don't.  All of their moisture intake comes from their kill.  Same idea with cats, just in a smaller package.  Cat's don't drink enough water on their own, which is why renal failure and bladder/UTI issues are very common in cats.  I would definitely recommend a raw diet for cats - they are obligate carnivores.  

However, if raw is not for you or not an option, adding even 1 can of wet food a week can reduce kidney/bladder issues by 70% (I believe, don't quote me on the percentage - but, according to research it's very high).  I would find a higher-quality grain free dry food, like Wellness, and then incorporate a can of wet food regularly.  Some people feed dry in the morning and wet at night, or feed wet 2-3 times a week.  

In cat food, I'm obsessed with Petcurean's Now Fresh dry cat food.  It has the lowest levels of phosphorous and magnesium levels (helps reduce build up of crystals and stones in bladder/kidneys) and has no meals, which means very little ash (also helps reduce build up of crystals and stones).  With canned cat food, I'm in love with Weruva BFF.  It's a really reasonable price and is a chunks and gravy consistency that cats love.  They mix red meat tuna with other proteins for some fun flavors.  

I could talk about this subject for hours.  Pet nutrition and all the foods out there are so fascinating to me.  I hope this helps!


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