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Paw Points: We've increased them! (2 replies)

Dave Baker
1 year ago
Dave Baker 1 year ago

Hi all, I'm excited to announce that we have increased the number of Paw Points we are awarding for various activities here on Petful.

If you're not sure what Paw Points are, check this out: All About Paw Points.

The biggest change is that we're now awarding a whopping 5,000 points just for joining Petful. This is a huge change from the past, where we awarded only 100. We're also upping the number of points we're awarding for creating new forum posts and replying to existing ones.

I have retroactively added 5,000 points to the current leaders as well as a few others who are pretty active right now. If you look at the leaderboard (see the sidebar here: https://www.petful.com/paw-points/) and you don't see at least 5,000 points by your name, please message me and let me know, or just reply here, and I'll look into it and retroactively give you those points.

Thanks for being a part of the Petful community!

Kristine Lacoste
1 year ago
Kristine Lacoste 1 year ago

Awesome, thanks! 🙂

Melissa Smith
1 year ago
Melissa Smith 1 year ago

Woohoo!! I am all about the points!

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