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Need suggestions for a new pet food processing company (2 replies)

Brian P. Barnes
8 months ago
Brian P. Barnes 8 months ago


I’m planning to start a pet food processing company in Canada. I have heard that pet food manufacturers in Canada are subject to many Canadian and international regulations including Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Hence we have decided to increase the food quality from the starting. Can someone suggest a few methods for maintaining the high-quality assurance? Planning to use a food quality management as well. Hope that it will help in the ISO certification too.

Any other suggestions for my new business will be highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance

Dave Baker
8 months ago
Dave Baker 8 months ago

Hi Brian, that's a pretty complex task. I'm not sure anyone here has the inside knowledge to help you with that. I think I would try contacting a few existing makers of high-quality pet food for some advice. Hope it works. Good luck with your quest to bring a premium pet food to market.

Melissa Smith
8 months ago
Melissa Smith 8 months ago

Hi Brian! I'll have to second Dave on this one - this isn't an area I'm overly familiar with. But all pet parents could surely use quality food that goes through rigorous testing processes, so I am crossing my fingers for you!

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