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Hi! everyone (3 replies)

1 year ago
Jennifer 1 year ago

Hi all i bought my new German shepherd, He is very mischief, i m very happy and excited to join this discussion and this week end i am planning to purchase few things for him.

1 year ago
Kat 1 year ago
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Hi Jennifer! 
My James Bond (haha, I didn't name him!) is part German Shepherd and mischievous should be his middle name! He's the happiest dog you'll meet though and his tail is always wagging. 

What's your dog's name?

1 year ago
MiTmite9 1 year ago
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For a playful dog, I highly recommend those Kong Wild Knots dog toys. You can find them on Amazon or eBay.  My 5-lb. dog goes CRAZY for his bear bear.  The toys have a braided knot in them, so that it makes the toys sturdier for rough play. They are great for games of fetch.

One of the best things you can do for your dog is make sure he gets plenty of exercise. Walking, running. Be careful with jumping, though. Vets are now saying too much jumping (after frisbees, e.g.) is bad for dog joints. Best of luck with your new beloved G.S.

1 year ago
lisahut123 1 year ago

Wow, my hubby loves german shepherd. But we have a golden retriever now. What is your dog's name? What are you planning to buy for him?

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