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Help please trying to train a crazy dog (2 replies)

1 year ago
Loulou 1 year ago

so I have rehomed a Labradoodle from a breeding centre. She is 2 years old and has always lived in kennels with other dogs. She's an affectionate lovely dog but is very jumpy and nervous. We have only had her a month and she's slowly settling in. I guess we have smothered her with love and affection due to fact she was so nervous. The only time she seems 100% relaxed is when she cuddling on the sofa with us. Which I'm fine with but now she's started digging on my sofa and scratching it which I'm not so fine with. I'm trying to train her but she not having it, anything I try she takes no notice as soon as my back is turned she back on the sofa regardless of what I cover it with. She's such a lovely dog, great on the lead fantastic with other dogs not a mean bone in her body but she's driving me crazy. She's still a bit nervous of her new home so how doI train her without making her more frightened. She doesn't listen to me and she won't take her food/treats of me Any suggestion would be great right now? 

1 year ago
A.D. 1 year ago

Hi Loulou - I will start by saying that your pup sounds super adorable and I'm so happy that she's found a forever home with you and your family.  I would definitely start by suggesting you talk to a Certified Dog Trainer or Certified Animal Behaviorist.  They can work with you using positive reinforcement and help you train the basics with your pup and maybe even work on her nervousness.  She's also very young and in the "teenager" testing stage.  She will try to test you at every turn.  The biggest thing is to just stay consistent with training through out.  Don't back down or give up.  If you have to give her a command to get off the couch 1,000 times, then give the command 1,000 times.  She will eventually realize that you're the boss and she needs to listen.  I'm going through the same thing with my now 18 month old puppy.  She is a challenge and sometimes decides "stay" does not mean "stay."  I simply take her back to the exact spot I put her in the "stay" and make her lay there until she doesn't move and then I'll give her the release word "free".  Now if your pup doesn't respond to treats or isn't food motivated for training, find a toy or anything that she seems to really want and have that be her reward - a tennis ball, frisbee, or even some affection or play time with you.  And it could take her months to finally settle in, I've even witnessed dogs taking a year or two before they're settled in to their new home.  Don't give up on her.  She's also still learning her surroundings and you as a new owner.  Even enrolling in some basic obedience classes would not only help with training, but would be a great bonding activity for the two of you.  

1 year ago
lisahut123 1 year ago

Try having a rough mat on your sofa whenever your puppy cuddles with you. It's not a problem being a little rude for training your puppy. She can of course be calm with the new home but will take time. If still the problem persists, you can go for a professional trainer. 

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