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Hello everyone. I'm a new member of Petful. 🙂 (4 replies)

9 months ago
shesmylife94 9 months ago

Are your pets family? 

The other day, I was with my two dogs, Maya and Bella, at one my local parks. I was throwing the ball for Bella and letting Maya nibble on grass. Maya started barking at a woman walking past. I apologized for Maya’s rude behavior—she doesn’t always follow the conventions of human etiquette—and the woman was very nice and said, “Don’t worry about it. I’m a dog person.”

She went on to tell me about a Manchester Terrier she had had and how much she had adored the dog. She said that watching Bella chase reminded her of him; and she pressed her hands over her heart, in an “I love you” sign. And she told me and how her little terrier was obsessed with balls. He would stand at the top of the stairs and drop the ball and watch it bounce all the way down; then retrieve the ball and do it again.

Then she said, “I got rid of him when I moved.”

On the outside, I kept a poker face and said something trite like, “That’s too bad.” And inside, I’m thinking to myself, WTF? This dog is part of your family and when you move you just get rid of him?

Now, I know this sounds just as judgmental as hell, but seriously: What does “pets are family” really mean?

Melissa Smith
9 months ago
Melissa Smith 9 months ago

I TOTALLY agree with you - I could never "get rid of a pet." They are my family!!! It's one thing if a family falls on really hard times and has to rehome their pet for their own safety or because they're going to literally be homeless if not, but I think those situations are extreme. In most cases, there is usually an option.

I commend you for keeping a poker face - I have one of those faces that shows EVERYthing I am feeling so she would have probably decked me xD

5 months ago
Whatsername 5 months ago

I completely agree with you, if my fur kids can't come with me I won't go and they are all just as important to me as my mom or my dad or siblings. I actually just bought one of those big barker beds for my 15 year old girl, we are still waiting for it, but when I show anyone and they see the price they can't believe it's for just a "dog bed". I keep every collar they have worn, lost teeth, fur and I take pictures like a lunatic. They're my family and it saddens me when people don't treat them that way. 

I have a cat that my sister no longer wanted, actually didn't really like the cat said she was mean to my niece and since she's been here I've had no problems. She's been here a year, she's I believe 7 years old but hasn't showed any aggression towards my niece since being here. I took her in, I didn't voice my thoughts but I do know she's better off here. I know I get stoney faced when things like that come up.

Melissa Smith
5 months ago
Melissa Smith 5 months ago
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Whatsername, sometimes stoneyfaced is the politest thing we can manage LOL

Karen Doll
5 months ago
Karen Doll 5 months ago

My immediate reaction to your story is utter sadness. I can't imagine how I would have reacted, but I agree with Melissa...sometimes it's just better to not utter a peep. Sad, but true! Makes me wonder why that woman got a dog in the first place. I can only hope that she does not get another. 

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