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Do Social Media Groups Really Help Find Lost Pets? (6 replies)

Melissa Smith
9 months ago
Melissa Smith 9 months ago

Where I live, it's a fairly small community and social media posts - particularly on Facebook - tend to be very effective when it comes to getting the word out about missing pets and getting them back home. We generally have several people who will go out on their own time to help look for a stranger's missing pet simply from seeing the posts.

I'm wondering if social media is as effective in larger communities where maybe people don't have the same sense of camaraderie. Do you have groups that you follow and if so, do they seem effective in finding and reuniting pets with their owners?


Kristine Lacoste
8 months ago
Kristine Lacoste 8 months ago

Here's a comment from one of our Facebook fans:

Harry Jeffrey Taylor I do, and find they truly work....

7 months ago
animalwarrior 7 months ago

Sometimes it does, we all know how massive the users are when we talk about facebook, IG and Twitter. I guess the best way is to keep our pet safe. 

7 months ago
DogLoverEra 7 months ago

I would personally say that they are effective. There are many cases when people use social media to search for their lost pets. Just a simple share will spread the news all over the block. If ever you have any problem in connection with this, don't hesitate to maximize its benefits.

Melissa Smith
7 months ago
Melissa Smith 7 months ago

I've gotta say, I don't know if I'm just blessed to live in such a great community or what, but our groups are phenomenal. Recently we had a Newfoundland go missing. She was very shy and would run from anyone who approached. She was missing for 20+ days and we were all fearing the worst - but thanks to continual social media posting and people reporting sightings, she was found safe and unharmed!!


7 months ago
DogLoverEra 7 months ago

Wow, that's great Melissa. I think humanity still exists 🙂 There are still good people around who are just waiting for their chance to offer their helping hands in such a subtle way.

I know how you feel when you lost your pet since it happened to me as well. Such a nerve-racking experience. LOL 🙂

This is maybe one of the greatest advantages of social media. 🙂

Karen Doll
6 months ago
Karen Doll 6 months ago

I think every little bit counts when it comes to rounding up a lost pet. We also live in a small community; however, there are many animal rescues/shelters in the surrounding areas and everyone works together by sharing info on social media and posts flyers. Local businesses even get involved and let you post flyers.  

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