Top 10 Weirdest Pet Names

Are you looking for a more interesting pet name than Snowflake or Spot? Get inspired with VPI’s top 10 weirdest pet names.

As a follow-up to my recent article on the most popular pet names of 2011, I thought I’d share with you the weirdest ones.

According to a recent article, mega-insurer VPI searched its database of 485,000 insured pets and voted on the top 10 weirdest pet names. The results:


  1. Almost-A-Dog
  2. Franco Furter
  3. Stinkie Mcstinkerson
  4. Sir Seamus McPoop
  5. Audrey Shepburn
  6. Dewey Decimell
  7. Knuckles Capone
  8. Beagle Lugosi
  9. Shooter McLovin
  10. Uzi Duzi-Du


  1. Ozzy Pawsbourne
  2. Mr. Meowgi
  3. Murderface
  4. Fuglee
  5. Scruffernutter
  6. Corporal Cuddles
  7. Cat Masterson
  8. Spam
  9. Tape W. Orm
  10. Louisiana Purchase

(Franco Furter is almost certainly a Dachshund.)

As I’ve said before, I prefer odd names for my foster dogs. Here are my best names and the stories behind them.


weirdest pet names

This poor boy is so homely he’s cute. His original name was Homer, but we started calling him Bacon because that’s what he looks like: a slab of bacon.


top 10 weirdest dog names

This 15-year-old boy and his “wife” were dumped at the shelter by people who didn’t even share the doxies’ names. I wanted to name them Abelard and Eloise, but I settled for Beauregard instead. Although Eloise was very ill and passed on while in foster care, Beauregard was adopted and lived for three more years!


weirdest cat names

This rakish boy was found tied to a tree in front of a firehouse, so I named him Garret after Dennis Leary’s character in Rescue Me. Like his namesake, he was a womanizer and a rapscallion.

Albert Einstein

weirdest pets name

In addition to being whip-smart, Albert Einstein always looks slightly dorky and disheveled. Albert landed the best home, with a kind woman who supports animal-welfare causes and spoils him relentlessly. She is the director of a theater troupe and brings Albert onstage at the beginning of performances to show him off to the audience.

Nick & Simon

Nick and Simon

These year-old littermates were feral (yes, feral) Dachshunds captured by a Good Samaritan. Because they were such wild boys, I named them Nick & Simon after the lead singers of Duran Duran, whose hit “Wild Boys” haunted me throughout the ’80s. It took a year to domesticate these Dachshunds and place them, and I still miss them! They smelled like sunshine and fresh grass, and they always slept like in the picture above.

My girls tend to have old-fashioned names, like Hannah, Greta, Franny, Hazel and Matilda.

And then there’s Esmerelda…

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Tamar Love Grande, former associate editor, is a Crazy Dog Person who has fostered and found homes for more than 200 dachshunds in the past few years. Tamar lives in Los Angeles with her husband, her cat and far too many wiener dogs.

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