Sasha, the name of heroes and spies, is also a great name for tough or independent girl dogs. Find out more about female dogs named Sasha.


Name: Sasha

Meaning: Sasha is a non–gender-specific name that originated in Eastern and Southern European countries as a nickname for Alexander and Alexandra. In primarily French-speaking countries the name Sasha is typically given to boys, while in the United States it is given almost exclusively to girls.

Personality: Tough, Independent

About This Name: There have been several notable people named Sasha, including actress Sasha Barrese, musician Sasha Kolpakov and athlete Sasha Pavlović. Sasha was also the code name for an alleged Soviet mole in the Central Intelligence Agency during the Cold War, and it is the chosen persona of famous drag queen Sasha Velour. One of the most famous Sashas today is former President Barack Obama’s younger daughter. Sasha was also the name of a 4-legged war hero — a British bomb-detection dog who was killed in action along with her handler in 2008. In the fictional world, famous Sashas include Sasha La Fleur (a dog from All Dogs Go to Heaven 2) and Sasha Williams (a tough, much-loved character in The Walking Dead), and there is even a Bratz doll named Sasha.

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