Roxy, sometimes spelled Roxie, means “dawn” or “bright” and is a great name for girl dogs who are independent or eager to please. Find out more about dogs named Roxy.


Name: Roxy (or Roxie)

Meaning: In both Persian and English, the name Roxy means either “dawn” or “bright.” Roxy can also be a nickname for a person (or a dog) named Roxanne.

Personality: Independent, Eager to Please

About This Name: Roxy, also spelled Roxie or Roxey, isn’t as popular as some other names, but some of the celebs with this moniker are artist Roxy Paine, British writer and inventor Roxey Ann Caplin and Samuel “Roxy” Rothapfel, who built the famous Roxy Theatre in New York. Actor Kevin Hart has a Doberman named Roxy, and actress, designer and singer Jennifer Lopez has a Boxer named Roxy. Famous fictional Roxys include Roxie Marie (Sesame Street), Roxy Leech (a character in the DC Comics universe) and Roxy Harvey (Dead Like Me).

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