Riley, meaning “valiant and courageous,” is a great name for tough, outgoing girl dogs. Find out more about female dogs named Riley.


Name: Riley

Meaning: Riley is derived from the Old English ryge leah. It is also an adaptation from the Irish last name Reilly, and can be interpreted as either “wood or rye clearing” or “valiant and courageous.”

Personality: Outgoing, Tough

About This Name: The indubitably famous blues musician Riley B. King (B.B. King) stands out as a notable Riley. Other famous Rileys include Riley L. Pitts, who was the first African-American to be awarded the Medal of Honor, and Riley Smith, an actor. There is a dog named “Riley the Dog” who is listed on IMDb as an actor. In the world of fiction, there is a Riley in the popular Twilight series and a canine named Riley who was a character in Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco.

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Is Your Girl Dog Named Riley?

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