Penelope, meaning “weaver” in Greek, is a great name for girl dogs who are tough or outgoing. Find out more about dogs named Penelope.


Name: Penelope (see also: Penny)

Meaning: In Gaelic and in English, the name Penelope means “white shoulder.” In Greek, it means “weaver.” In Homer’s Odyssey, Penelope was the faithful wife of Odysseus.

Personality: Tough, Outgoing

About This Name: When thinking of famous Penelopes, you might think first of actress Penelope Cruz. In addition, Penelope Fitzgerald was an award-winning English novelist. Other notables include actress Penelope Ann Miller, director Penelope Spheeris and singer Penelope Houston. In fiction, there is Penelope Garcia (Criminal Minds) and Penelope Clearwater (the Harry Potter novels), and in Greek mythology the mother of the god Pan was a dryad named Penelope.

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