Peanut, meaning “small in size,” is a great name for girl dogs who are independent or shy. Find out more about dogs named Peanut.


Name: Peanut

Meaning: Peanut is not a traditional name in any country, but is often used as a nickname and refers either to the tree nut itself or to someone small in size or stature.

Personality: Independent, Shy

About This Name: Several people have been called Peanut as a nickname, including baseball coach Jim Davenport, jazz trumpeter Herbert Lee Holland and football player Charles Tillman. The iconic comic strip Peanuts stars a black and white Beagle named Snoopy. The Planters company uses a dancing peanut — aptly named “Mr. Peanut” — as its mascot, and popular ventriloquist Jeff Dunham has a puppet named Peanut.

In 2017, a former shelter dog named Peanut was hailed as a hero for rescuing a 3-year-old girl from a ditch. “Peanut suddenly started barking uncontrollably, reported CBS News, adding that “the behavior was certainly unusual for the ordinarily shy pup.” She led her human to an open field where an unclothed girl lay in a ditch, shivering in the freezing temperatures. (The girl and a sibling were later taken into custody of Child Protective Services.) “Thanks to Peanut, the little girl’s life was saved,” CBS stated.

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