Missy, meaning “bee,” is a great name for girl dogs who are independent and tough. Find out more about girl dogs named Missy.


Name: Missy

Meaning: Missy can be either a stand-alone name or a nickname for Melissa or Michele. On its own, Missy means “bee” in both Greek and English.

Personality: Independent, Tough

About This Name: Missy Elliot is a well-known pop singer. Some other notable Missys are Missy Franklin (athlete), Missy Mazzoli (composer) and Missy Raines (musician). In the Doctor Who franchise, the nickname of a villainess is Missy, short for “the Mistress.” Incidentally, the most expensive cow in the world was also named Missy. And in 1988, a Texas couple felt so strongly that their dog, Missy, was perfect that they paid Texas A&M University to clone her. This experiment was dubbed the “Missyplicity” project. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful — the first successful cloning of a dog didn’t take place until 2005.

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