Minnie, meaning “wished-for child,” is a great name for girl dogs who are shy or independent. Find out more about dogs named Minnie.


Name: Minnie

Meaning: In both English and Hebrew, the name Minnie means “wished-for child,” “rebellion” or “bitter.” In some Teutonic languages Minnie means “loving memory,” and in France the name Minnie is simply used as a shortened form of the name Williamina.

Personality: Shy, Independent

About This Name: The most famous cultural Minnie has to be Walt Disney’s Minnie Mouse, counterpart to Mickey Mouse. Other famous Minnies include folk artist Minnie Evans, actress Minnie Driver (born Amelia Fiona Driver), and stage and film actress Minnie Dupree. The only female chimpanzee in the U.S. Mercury space program was called Minnie. In Dean Koontz’s novel Watchers, there is a female Golden Retriever named Minnie.

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