Kona is a great name for girl dogs who are independent and tough. Find out more about girl dogs named Kona.


Name: Kona

Meaning: In Hawaiian, Kona means “lady.” (There is also a village in Hawaii named Kona.) In Greenland, the name means “woman” or “wife.” The name has the most variety in Japan, where the meaning changes drastically depending on the way the characters are written. Elements of the name can mean “yellow,” “fragrance,” “small,” “south,” “summer,” “wave,” “vegetables/greens” or “apple tree,” among other things.

Personality: Independent, Tough

About This Name: In the heartbreaking movie I Am Legend, the role of Sam was played by a German Shepherd named Kona. This is still an unusual name for humans, but one notable person is Kona Venkat, an Indian screenwriter with more than 20 years of experience in the film industry.

How Much We Love It:

  (5/5 Paws)

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